Moonchild also recovered

Hello everyone

I just noticed that one of your member Moonchild Recovered and I PM him and this is his replay.

Congratulations to him and Best Wishes in life.

Keep in mind Protocols can’t be replicated often what worked for him might not work for you. There is also a danger of crushing from someone’s protocol and getting more side effects.

If you decide to try it do the research and go slowly.


Yup he’s been recovered for sometime now, Hopefully the rest of us join the club :blush:


I hope so too

I didn’t know and I read something yesterday and asked him this is his reply.

I hope people will get encouragement and hope from his story.

I’ve been texting with him for a while since before he took all this stuff, trying everything he’s tried and I’ve had very limited success. Bhb gave me no reaction except anxiety but this could be unrelated. Butyrate made my poop look normal but that’s it. I’m interested to see if anyone else would benefit from this protocol.

I’m most likely going to try it after I’m done experimenting with TUDCA

im glad 4 this guy, but i really wonder why wouldnt anyone comeback to tell others what has helped him?!

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He did come back and mention he’s recovered many times


Article on HDAC inhibition and BHB:

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He doesnt sound much excited after being out of hell. Oh well


I thibk the most important thing for his recocery was bupropion

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How long did Moonchild have PFS for ?

Doubt it, I’ve taken bupropion twice. Plus he stopped taking it for months while he still had symptoms. He only said he was cured a few weeks after doing the BHB and butyrate

He said he stopped taking propecia in 2006 I think. So almost 14 years

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If you do a search on this forum Bupropion/Wellbutrin seems to have helped a lot of people.


If he recovered from Bupoprion then he didn’t have PFS and therefore isn’t a recovery from PFS. Countless people here have taken Bupoprion without any benefit (including myself).

Not my impression at all. Lots of people HOPE it will help and even it will initially due to placebo effect but have never seen anyone stick with it long term. Another time-waster and false hope that wave after wave of guys try rather than really doing research.

I looked into past posts on bupropion and experiences have been mixed. I didn’t find any clear, lasting successes.

There is zero scientific reason to believe that Bupropion would be beneficial in PFS recovery. The only good thing about it is that it’s a rather light anti-depressant of which the side effects aren’t as hazardous or cumulative with PFS symptoms. I think that’s the most important reason why people use it.

There are reports of PSSD from Wellbutrin/Bupropion, so be aware of that before deciding to try it.

Bupropion has anti-cholinergic effects, costs money and time (going to doctor etc), and carries some risk of seizure that additionally makes doctors want to prescribe it with benzo (for liability reasons if none other) the latter of which absolutely have negative long term health consequences.

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