Montreal Docs

Anybody know if there is an endo ar any other specialist in the Montreal area with this type of experience and interest? My experience with endos so far has been a laugh.

bump for montreal

Not montreal, but Toronto is near-by and these docs supposedly recognize the dangers of Finasteride. Not sure how much help that will be, though.

The other one is this guy in Burlington Ontario, who Dr. Crisler recommended years back.

Thank you Mew.I will call them both.It’s just a few hrs away…

I remember 6 years ago the generalist who filled my prescription for Finasteride was educated about it, he asked me a lot of questions about sides and talked about ongoing research. He worked in 2014 at the CSE Queen Elizabeth urgent care. Unfortunately I could not retrieve his name, I have called some pharmacies I believe I went to to get the meds and they didn’t find any prescription under my name.
I’d like to see him again, because the other generalist I went to see, put it on work stress and admitted they never heard about the post finasteride syndrome. I told them I had been off the meds for several years and to them once the drug is out of your system side effects can’t be there anymore, hence why they believe the cause lies elsewhere like stress etc…
I’m gonna call other pharmacies see If I can get the name of this doctor.
Would be great to have some educated doctors in Montreal.

Ok following up to my previous post here.
I have found the doctor I visited in 2014 in Montreal for Finasteride prescription.
His name his Ephraim Massey, and I believe he still works at the CSE Queen Elizabeth urgent care since I can see reviews posted in 2020 on (he has very bad reviews here though). But at least he knows about the persistent side of Finasteride!