Money compensation seems the most realistic and feasible recovery

this guy is either insane or on mercks payroll, he is CLEARLY justifying MERCK’s role in our misery, he is just saying MERCK warned us so dont do anthing against them. besides that how do u know first dose i take was after the label change?? im done here i dont want to state the obvious but here is the case : i made a comment against MERCK and the importance of hitting on them instead of… and “frustrated” accused me all kind of nonsense and in the end he states MERCK warned me of ALL THESE SYMPTOMS so no blame on them… how pathetic

No, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do anything but I am telling you that can’t do anything. That is how American tort law works. Their responsibility in harming me was very different than their role in harming you. I did my research about the risks and asked doctors and they hid information from me and my doctors which is fraud. At the time you took the drug, the information was available to you.

You mentioned earlier in this post that you developed PFS 3 years ago which is already 4 years after the 2012 label change. By that time there were also plenty of news articles about the risks of Propecia, the PFS Foundation existed and you just didn’t do your research to learn about the risks you were taking. Merck’s warning is still inadequate but the situation in 2016 was very different compared to when I took the drug.

JFYI first dose i took was before 2012 and yes it was prescribed and it is in my Rx history BUT even if i took propecia yesterday that doesnt mean their shady ass label change justify all the symptoms… just to make this clear you can make an employee sign every kind of contract but in the end of the day if you abuse him no matter what he signed he has the right to sue you, the sypmtoms are so noxious that no label change will save their ass

An IV for 60 hours?

A long US class action with around 500 participants ended in a settlement of around 4 million which averagely resulted in a few thousand dollars per patient, which incredibly many settled for, ruling out their ability to seek legal recourse in the future. The legal action was a failure due to the lack of proof.

The statute of limitations was up for many of us. For some, there was more or less an extension already granted on statute of limitations. The court case was drug on, by one, or both parties I intentionally. Sanders law firm was lowly at best. In my case, as with many others, we had been through enough ( in my case 20 years) and it was time to move on with life.

The other option was to fight Merck, one of wealthiest entities in the world on our own dime. Perhaps, that would seem logical to you. Great. If you get to that crossroads, you may think differently.

Given the magnitude of the situation, your attitude seems pretty cavalier with other people’s life decisions. Be thankful that those before you already did some of the dirty work for you. I’ll be happy if you get a great settlement. I’ll be even happier if there is a cure and people cease dying.


Hi @tdb,

I’m well aware of the magnitude of the situation. This drug has destroyed my health and life. As well as being involved personally and assisting many who have done the “dirty work”, including scientists, I try my best to help to one day ensure this is not happening to anyone else. This includes running and developing this forum which I assure you is extremely thankless and persistently challenging in the condition I am.

Nevertheless, my phrasing was hastily written and poorly considered there, I apologise. My sadness in this regard is solely that this is deeply inadequate compensation for, as you say, the magnitude of the situation.

As you have been a long time member, we would very much appreciate if you’d assist our efforts by completing the post-drug syndrome survey, which can be accessed via the bar graph icon in the top right of the forum on a desktop or laptop computer.



I think TDB’s post was meant for the original poster even though he replied to your response.

I do wonder if just sitting impotently not do anything at all except complaining to each other is the best we can do. I’m all for doing something more but don’t ha e the knowledge to determine what.

I people didnt suited for Viooxxx people will still dying and other having horrible secondary effects… Its a must and moral obligation to do it, no matter where the money goes after it.

Hi @anon58873600,

Can you please outline a sensible plan for what your proposing? Maybe you are seeing something many of us are not? Maybe I am missing something but I am unsure what exactly you are proposing that hasn’t already been tried and failed.

same here, the thing i was trying to say and most of the people try NOT to understand is this , the organization should handle the legal issue too(parallel to medical research probably) otherwise if we want to go to fight MERCK as individual we are doomed

(please read the whole thing before jumping to any conclusion)

The bigger picture is this : someone(MERCK) buttraped US(pfsers) and us victims instead of going after the raper, are trying to find a cream(which is by no means reachable) for our wounded asses BUT the thing is i am not blaming US cause there is not much we as a hurt,cheated and wounded individual can do about the incident(actually we are doing a great job on helping each other, thats all we can do as individuals) but the blame is on the foundation that as an organization it has the means(at least much more than us as individuals) to take on MERCK, now some people might come and say hey we did this 10 years ago and all we got is a few thousand dollars, that might be the case but that doesnt mean that foundation shouldnt bother themselves to put pressure on MERCK.

EDIT: foundation can use our statistics to put pressure on MERCK, who knows whats going on behind the scene

Ok, I think I understand but isn’t them funding research studies to prove PFS is real the first step and the evidence they would need so that they can put the pressure on Merck? And isn’t that what they are doing at the moment?

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ok i hope u r right(research will lead to an evidence to help the victims…), imao victims would be better off if foundation were on the issue more legally than scientifically. only time will tell…

This might sound ridiculous and I guess it probably is, but I actually wonder if anyone in the trump administration could be contacted. I actually honestly feel like people working for him are more oriented toward helping people than those of presidents/politicians of the past. Consider that laughable if you would like, but I do think that they do at least pride themselves in trying to be that way, even if in reality they are not. Maybe it’s at least not controversial to say that they do confront people (e.g., drug companies) in a way that is basically the opposite of presidents of the past

Basically, I feel like Trump likes to fight whereas presidents usually like to align themselves with whoever is powerful…

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You are unhappy about your situation in life and now expecting a benevolent non-profit to do everything you wish. They are not going to. If you want to sue Merck go ahead and try to find somebody who will do it for you or people who will join up with you to try and form some group.

Show a little bit of gratitude for a foundation that has had no obligation to help you and has put in countless efforts to do so over the years.

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We should all be donating as much money as we can. It’s almost like we should donate first and then talk after. Talking but not donating is basically bullshit.


thats what. i meant, do whatever it takes to bring attention to this matter. i myself interviewed 2 french journalists by skype, contacted 3 arabic newspaper and they published about pfs, i m not saying i took big steps but we should do whatever it takes(even make foundation to take legal actions against merck) to pressure merck and make the issue public

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man i dont want to show gratitude, this is my way, you can go and show gratitude by whichever way u think its appropriate and fits ur character, god created us free and we can criticize whoever we want, foundation is not above god

ps: criticizing and making recommendations is not a sign of being ungrateful

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I think it will be the best decision of anything connected to the mentioned description.