Mohit Khera - Baylor Study - Genetic and epigenetic studies on post-finasteride syndrome patients. - Relase in Summer 2021?

Mohit Khera - Genetic and epigenetic studies on post-finasteride syndrome patients. - Relase in Summer 2021? - Who has some Informations about the state of this huge study, with thousands genes inquest, started allrady 2013.

It has been submitted to a journal awaiting their decision this comes straight from Mohit Khera and I have sent this proof to mods here…

When it publishes idk…But would suspect later this year.

Has it been though???

He told me this in April so if it wasn’t he lied…If it was submitted I would expect as said before a summer publication July, August…Speculation could go on forever and has all I can say is in the April email he said it was awaiting the Journal’s decision and sent a screen shot of this email to mods here…

At this point I’m assuming are condition is dna damage , I can’t figure out what else this would be, epigenetic changes are reversible from my understanding but this seems permanent. Something in our bodies have changed significantly. I hope this study shows at least what damage this stuff does I don’t expect it to find out how it causes the damage though.

It’s a fucking crime that this study hasn’t been published, so many people have commit suicide over the years at least have a study published so people can at least see the dangers of what this can do to the human body so people won’t doubt it and make a more informed decision. We are literally laughed at and called liars, I hope one day when this condition is known all of these fucking doctors and scientists will realize how cruel these cosmetic drugs are and the damage they can cause to a persons life. (Sorry had to rant)


The condition has already been acknowledged by Khera and quite a few other scientists. I guess the hope is that the study will provide insight into the mechanism of PFS. I mean, even if it might not be able to be ‘fixed’, it might give us insight as to what has gone astray so we can better understand what a suitable treatment (if any) could be administered.

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Please, don’t say this condition is permanent, 'cause we just don’t know. And it’s very hard to read this when it’s hard to cope with the condition. I understand the desperation of course.

But, there is some guys who felt recovered. It gives hope this is not a permanent state.

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There are so many conditions that can result in long-lasting alteration. Just think at autoimmune diseases.

You don’t need DNA damage.

I hope this research will bring some light on the root cause of PFS. But I also take for granted Merk will try everything within their power to downplay/sidetrack study and results.

Finasteride is prescribed worldwide to God knows how many people. They won’t give up easily.

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I really doubt that it is DNA damage (for most people).

Why? The onset of the disease is way to fast in some people that it can be due to any substadial DNA damage. Unless they somehow ha damaged DNA even before Fin.

I have read one small study done on women that stated Fin did damage their DNA, but haven’t found anyone doing a study on men.

One thing is clear though, Fin usage does alter a shit ton of stuff throughout the body.

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DNA methlaytion can happen instantly…

But why would you read a study on women where it says it does dna damage to women but you wouldn’t think it would happen to men?

This just makes me think there is DNA damage in us
And if that’s the case well fuckin fantastic

I think it can happen to men also with prolonged use. I don’t think you would get DNA damage with just a few pills like some PFS sufferers did.

I haven’t seen any data on DNA-damage in men so I can’t draw any conclusions.

You can read the study here if you’re interested.

Also DNA-methylation is not the same thing as actual DNA-damage @holyhead. In theory methylation should be reversible.

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I hope they come up with something substantial but I think it’s been so many years overdue many of us have given up on it. Trying to stay positive but realistic also.

It’s my understanding that the University of Utah genetic department is one of the leaders and at the forefront of Epigenetics so I would assume they would have if it’s related to that area of damage…

Is anyone knowledged about the specific of the study?

Do you know if they are cross checking PFS patient with other patients who took Fin / are still on Fin ?

All I know is it was around 24 pfs patients with varying symptoms I believe compared to a control group I think…2 of the pfs patients in study killed themselves…Some used to post here who participated.

Can I ask who this user was?

I can’t remember their names but several used to post here that flew to Baylor and participated in the study…

Speaking of which I am getting a bit of concern and dread again as I looked at kheras email and it was sent April 19th he stated it was turned in then and awaiting the journal’s decision…So it’s been 3 months or 12 weeks and who knows how long it already been submitted for in April…

I looked again and most say 4 to 8 weeks or 3 months tops for peer review :thinking: but I thought before some said 17 weeks…Whatever the case its getting close and Google search says usually 6 to 8 weeks so idk :thinking:


This is insane…just makes me feel, and not to freak anyone out or discourage…just makes me feel there’s fuckery on Merck’s part

They’re threatening them in some way. It’s been too long. Not just 6-8 weeks

Some say it can take 4 to 6 months ugh :expressionless:…don’t know if I’ll make it another 6 months to be honest…I wonder how disabled a person has to become before they just die? I mean every few months my health declines more and more and I can do less and less for myself…

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