Mohit Khera "Baylor Study" at Peter Attia podcast

Peter Attia has 341.000 followers on you tube. With Mohit Khera the man who made the Baylor Study he speaks about pfs in front of a great audience then.

From 2:18:07 he talks about Finasteride, the post Finasteride syndrome in an own chapter and at 2:21:47 about the Baylor II study and at the symbolic 2:22:13 about the two tragic suicides while Baylor II study was going on.

It’s a great interview, if you read the transcript you see how involved he is in the pfs tragedy!

A great interview , thank you Dr. Khera!


Wow! He’s as clueless as the rest of us lol…


Discussion of PFS specifically starts in the video around 2:18:25.

Not much new information here. It is interesting that Dr. Khera seems to state his belief that more than 5 percent of patients experience persistent effects, however this is somewhat confusing since he claims this is higher than what’s quoted on the leaflet.

As I recall, the U.S. label doesn’t give any frequency for persistent cognitive or sexual dysfunction - both are given only brief mention in the post-marketing section of that document, which discusses case reports. I suspect Khera intended to dispute the rate of on-drug effects here (as other studies have suggested that the analyses from the original clinical trials understated this as well).

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Thanks for posting!

Attia has a big audience. Good to see that he’s paying to it, although you can tell he’s skeptical. I wish Khera would’ve mentioned evidence beyond his own study, though.

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He didn’t even mention the “results” of his own studies other than 2 people killed themselves…

Honestly this sounded more like a discussion of pfs from 2013 instead of 2023…Very vague and ended with him saying we don’t know and the other rube obviously trying to dis credit everything he did say smh 🤦


I can’t wait for Hornig and Urbanucci to blow this issue wide open. So tired of hearing idiots play this game of pretending a powerful endocrine disrupting poison is perfectly harmless


Kiel and Tampere are young, successful and empathic teams. They want to help us from their heart and they want to publish a very good study in a high ranked journal.

On the other side the old saturated professors sitting in their chairs. Dealing with the same “I can cure you with HCG and testogel” or the same rat studies for 30 the latter for 40 years now.

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Very important the 2:18:00 mark until 2:26:38 he talks about the existence of pfs and brings the problem that every consumer is hurt by Finasteride to a great audience.

He really good refers about the neurosteroide cascade folloing DHT blocking and he really fights for our recognition like a layer.

And he is refering about the Baylor II study at 2:21:47 and at 2:22:13 he makes a testimonial for the two suicide cases.

It’s a great interview, if you read the transcript you see how involved he is in the pfs tragedy!

A great interview , thank you Dr. Khera!

(Sorry, if I sometimes have writen something about a topic before I even read it!)


Finasteride has been linked to suicide in pharmacovigilance studies and also he should have mentioned the numb genitals tbh. Would have made a bigger impact, but all publicity is good publicity.

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This Attia dude blames it on an emotional state and Khera doesn’t seem to understand the scope of PFS at all, especially as a physical degenerative condition. He’s another one trying to link PFS to what he thinks he knows about fin’s direct action and not the unknown mechanism of the post drug reaction. And this guy ran the Baylor study that Kiel is building on? I don’t find that comforting.


Only that he need 8 years. But he made a good study. With a clear agenda, without digressing into dysbiosis and oxidative stress and other pleasant-sounding “Zeitgeist” topics. That’s a big point!

Dangerous for the effort of the community are all the hormon doctors who offer a quick fix and flatter around us with promises of recovery cases they would know from their practice and than offer the same shit for 30 years now!

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This was an homage to Dr. Khera’s big audience in a medical podcast with 340.000 subscribers and an appreciation of the Baylor study.

I think it’s a pity that this topic is now being closed because of inappropriateness without personal attacks on a fellow patient. Any criticism of Dysbiosis, HCG and hormone treatment is taken as a personal attack and it’s not just about me!

I’m confused. Nobody has closed this topic yet and I wasn’t planning to. Let’s try to not make too many assumptions.

In any case, no need to take things personally for anyone in the thread.


The community fights among themselves everywhere I read, imagine if they were healthy.

I think, after all this, there will definitely be some sort of ‘kinship’ felt among people who have been through this experience regardless of where they stood on how to approach it.

It’s indeed unfortunate that there is a lot of infighting going on and so many disagreements between groups of patients.

But I also think this is the natural result of people being left to fend for themselves and their trust broken.

If there was more undisputable clarity on what PFS really is, which biomarkers define it, and what would need to happen to fix it… then I’m sure people would have less reasons to argue with each other and they would be there to support each other and try to guide each other to the correct treatment options. There would be no fighting about the credibility of the disease because it would be proven fact. There would be no fighting with people defending quackers about how to cure the condition because actual treatment options would be clear.

Let’s try to stick together until we get there someday.


I’m gonna start a war chant…Awor, awor, awor,

:clap: :raised_hands: :clap: awor, awor, awor :clap: :raised_hands: :clap:

No disrespect to the current administration but I’ve been around for 8 years here and a lot of people really believed in awor and his ideas…

It wouldn’t hurt for some words of encouragement from some of the “old guard” for inspiration…some of us are surviving on crumbs of info and hope…


Overall, very interesting podcast. I think his explanation on why young patients have more problems is very true. The old ones just think ED is due to normal aging and not due to finasteride. It is also fascinating that a lot of younger finasteride users think they have psychogenic ED even though they are on finasteride. I read this in a lot of fora or at reddit. Cracy kind of ignorance even when the link to finasteride is clearly there…

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My 3a-adiol-G (3 alpha androseneiol glucoronide( has gradually increased over the years (serum). Cycling on and off clomiphene citrate (low does, 75 mg per week divided doses) with for many years monthly blood tests. Only very sporadic periods of something vaguely like what was once normal libido.
Unfortunately my prescribing doctor retired, and his replacement tried me on a different SERM, now based on age and concerns over SERMs causing a type of blood clot I have been off of periodic SERM treatment for about 2 years now.

It is possible to follow a diet that avoids known inhibitors of 5AR2, That can be helpful as well. Primal Blueprint is close but no coconut oil, chocolate, certain spices, no onions.

As to Mew and Awor, this is pure speculation on my part, but that as various class action type lawsuits have occurred in various countries, lawyers discourage any participating in online forums related to PFS, as such things can be discoverable in trials etc.

Well idk…but after all the talk of Baylor and awor saying over and over here he was gonna give his opinion once it finally published and that he devoted his life to yhis basically…Then right before it publishes he vanishes never to post again one thing about it…Doesn’t exactly project anything like good vibes or confidence…

Maybe he’s went into hiding from Merck lol…

My urologist who killed my life because he was to lazy to put the Finasteride pharma sample packs in his medicine cabinet and disposed the hazardous waste to me died (as cynical the evil can be) on COVID some month later. What a cynism!

Our sacred duty to appear publicly and to warn others about the dangerous chemical brachial disruptor cocktail that no one ever takes the horror drug anymore

As I sued his practice the other doctors swear that they informed me. I can’t give their names otherwise they sue me. And trails are a one way fight of the mighty against the poor. That’s absolutley normal.

But if you drive an injured animal further and further into a corner they loose the fear and rage and anger comes…

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