Mk-677: Worth a try!

I’ve been on MK for 2 weeks now

Slight increase in libido
Slight increase in emotion
Massive energy increase
Massive increase in sleep, eating
Better skin, more collagen
Better muscles gains

more bloating, especially in gut/stomach area
Slight fatigue starting around 6PM (but if I hold out I get really good sleep)

I’ve been on MK-677 for two weeks now, 15mg @ night ED. I have to say, it’s overall been a good thing. It’s brought me to about 20% of where I would want to be, I think.

Mk-677 activates the Ghrelin pathway which releases large amounts of HGH. Combined with exercise I probably have 2-3x the amount of HGH I would have normally.

My PFS condition does have bad libido problems and it hasn’t done much for that. I still don’t get erect ever despite being young and not fapping. But my skin was especially bad, being dry and inactive. But now I do have some moisturize on there and more collagen, also acne has returned which I battle with retin-a.

Even though I still believe PFS is mainly an androgen/receptor issue, I think with those being turned off it probably lowers HGH levels as well, and bringing myself up to high levels of HGH can work positively for some of the symptoms.

One thing to note is that retin-a, which produces collagen via increasing androgen receptor protein production, still does not do anything for me. Before PFS it did, during PFS it didn’t, and during mk-677 it still does not. But it dries out acne so I’m still using it. So it’s not fixing PFS and I don’t expect to permanently recover, but it is a nice bandage on some of the symptoms.

If you are struggling with sleep this is a must-try. I bought mine from BrainLabz (warning ships from Russia and have to pay with Zelle). It was $60 for a 90 capsule, 15mg container.



Anyone else tried Mk-677? I did a bit research and it seems promising. IGF-1 is also can have an effect on AR’s.

By the way, @Zonz, sorry to be this harsh but you must be a complete lunatic to use Accutane (retin-a) while having PFS? Don’t you know half of other people are here in this forum because of it? Im in shock dude. Stop using it, who cares acne if your penis won’t work. You are putting salt to your open wound. Jeez.

Retin-a isn’t accutane, it’s tretinoin not isotretinoin. Tretinoin actually forms collagen by speeding up androgen receptor protein formation. So it’s pro-receptor. :slight_smile: