Minoxidil side effects and study

I am here 100% because of Minoxidil. I didn’t take any form of Finasteride, Accutane, etc.

When I got off of Minoxidil I experienced the hormone crash and went through the motions of that. But now I’m 7 months off of it and haven’t made any recovery at all.

I basically like up with every PFS, perhaps a bit milder, with more physical/sexual sides than mental. Regardless, this should still be a good study to look at for PFS. It’s excruciatingly in-depth.

I’m hoping one day I can return to my old self. God is on my side.

There’s no real need to compartmentalise, all signs point to what people who have had problems with Accutane, Propecia, Minixidil, Saw Palmetto and a number of anti depressants being the same condition.

The label on the bottle that the trigger comes in is largely irrelevant.