Minoxidil induced PFS

Lol why? Because i tell my opinion? :slight_smile: i can change my opinion with enough data to claim. Anyway, i do believe this guy but i don’t think its the same mechanism as pfs. I will take the risk and take minoxidil again and then tell you if i crashed :wink:

Have the feeling you are angry bout me because you think i don’t believe you. Thats not the case. Anyway, did you take Finasteride as well ? maybe only one pill? why i don’t hear of hypertension patients that use it oral ( 99 % more systemically than putting in on your head) that they crash ? strange

maybe they add dht blocking properties to the topical minox? not sure

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Maybe in your topical. Could be the reason. Fuck fin :confused: there are also many minox topical where they add fin in it

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Minoxidil is fine topically, just don’t ingest it like Josh did as it might cause a whole world of problems.

Minoxidil is an anti-androgen:

I crashed after using 5% Kirkland liquid for 40 days. It’s been 2 months since quitting and the sexual sides have not gone away at all. Before someone suggests it is psychological and impossible, I do not have a typical ED. I can get 100% erect but the penis is completely numb, I have 0 libido, loss of morning and nocturnal erections and my testicles tingle all day (this feeling is slowly but surely becoming unbearable as I cannot sleep because of it). I have never taken Finasteride, Dutasteride, Isotretinoin, SSRI’s or any other medication, not even vitamins.

So yes, it is very possible and I think many guys suffer because of minoxidil and attribute the sides to finasteride.

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i used it topically dude… most the dudes who got these side effects like i did from minox all were topical too i used the same shit moonlightdancer used

Oh I didn’t realize it could effect you topically? How does that work? Does it het absorbed into the blood or something?

Yes, it goes systemic.

Thanks for letting me know i was actually going to use it on my hair that accutane messed up, i thought it was just some cream :frowning:️ thanks for potentially saving me from more trouble, that’s incredibly scary that a topical can do that.


dude your priorities are all fucked up if ur still willing to apply chemicals to your body.

I’m not intentionally trying to posion myself, I’ve lost everything so far with my body and fear it deteriorating even worse, so I’ll try my best to be more careful.

Minoxidil raises your blood sugar, or it can under certain circumstances. There are also reports of it lowering blood sugar. My case was substantially adrenal and I have regressed recently. I was feeling good after eating a few days ago, blood sugar back down. I applied Rogaine and noticed increased irritability and head pressure, and decreased focus. Take my blood sugar and it’s 107 and then 114 a few minutes later. Before taking minox it had come down to its normal level between 80 and 90. I take flax, chia and turmeric a few minutes after that and it comes down. Using it in conjunction with meals and/or exercise seems like a way to possibly compensate.

Minox is a potassium channel opener. Potassium levels (or whatever) are implicated in diabetes and adrenal issues.

Hey Josh,

I’ve managed to make a recovery from minoxidil-induced PFS. I hope this helps out.

I have had the same experience with Minoxidil. I forgot to wash my hands after applying, and massaged my inner thigh since I felt a cramp.

YES…I actually got minoxidil on my inner thigh, and groin area. (Stupidest move ever.)

I woke up in the middle of the night with my right groin hurting, and within a week I suffered complete impotence. My dick wouldn’t get up, and felt completely flat.

Some of the minxoidil probably got in directly
to my groin.

I couldn’t get my dick up for the next 2 weeks. My symptoms were:

  • No erections
  • Complete impotence
  • No libido
  • Depression

At first, I thought it was because Minoxidil messed up the blood flow, but actually, Minoxidil does much more than that.

It has anti-androgenic properties.

Basically, minoxidil blocks and shuts down the androgen receptor. (Check researchgate on how minoxidil inhibits the androgen receptor). It shuts down androgen receptor functions.

I searched frantically for a solution, trying Vitamin D, DHEA, but I found success with L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that also increases the androgen receptors in your body. After 2 weeks of suffering from a minoxidil-induced PFS, I took a pill of L-Carnitine after working out, and was able to have sex a few hours after that.

It wasn’t 100%, my dick was probably just 70% erect, and it took a long time to get up, but I was able to successfully have intercourse, and my libido and erection went back to normal over the next 2 weeks.

Hope my story helps. I really recommend L-Carnitine, since it adds androgen receptors to your body, and has been a real life-saver for me.

Anybody with numb genitals, tried to use liquid l-carnitine directly on penis skin? Thank you!

No, I took supplements. 500mg of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate!

2x a day.

Interesting to see any effect of local liquid carnitine directly on skin. It will be a clear indicator of AR implication in skin anesthesia. Anybody, please try it! Acetyl-L-Carnitine, acetilated form. Maybe we can dissolve powder and use it topical.

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Hey i am going what you went through…all the exact same symptoms with Minoxidil…
How are you doing now in November 18?

Which symptoms are better? which are still just as bad? have you seen any doctors? Please share with my as much info as you can as this has ruined my life

Personally I would say that most the guys using minox are using finastetide at the same time or as a combination I did this myself.
Personally I can’t imagine minox causing problems to the lengths of a drug taken orally it just doesn’t some up to me.
More information required really.
We need to stay focused on our own problems and the drug that caused our problems their really any point in delving off track looking into other hair loss drugs that work using a completely different mechanism.

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