Minoxidil 10% for 1.5 years

Hi. I am new to this group. As the title suggests that I have taken minoxidil 10% for 1.5 years and now after reading the posts here, I find that I too am suffering from PFS.

However, I want to give it a try before giving up on my life. I am sure whatever is happening is related to some hormonal imbalance.

I got few things tested:
Prolactin: 7.9 ng/ml
TESTOSTERONE: 385.60 ng/dL(this was an evening sample so nothing to worry about here).

My question to you guys is what other tests should I get it done to look for a cure?

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Hi @x_y_z,

Can you make a member story please. Create a new topic in the member story section and a template will appear. This will help people know what you’re dealing with and make sure you can get the best replies.

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My doc says to get those tested in the morning, fasting, with other related hormones, to get a real full picture of what’s going on.

I also have PFS from 5% minoxidil.