Minocycline made me jump at once

When I was taking 200 mg of minocycline for the first time, after an hour and a half, I suddenly felt sense of power, and thinking ability is greatly restored, head is clear, in the first time I did not feel side effects, but when I was taking a second time but feel doesn’t work, when the third side effects is very strong, very syncope, taking in about 200 mg each time, and I only eat a few times, not for a long time, every time using interval for several weeks, I am curious I won’t be the drug resistance of minocycline

I’m sorry, this is machine translation, it’s very bad, you probably don’t understand it, but I believe minocycline gave me a brief recovery

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Same theory happened to me on amoxsisilin antibiotic, I was cured sexual on it once but didn’t work on second try…