Hi just thought I’d give an update. I took Propecia for 7 years and got side effects all the way through. This got better after quitting but then had the big crash. I have now been living with PFS for around 7 years but probably been 14 years side effects in total.

Main symptoms are ED, no morning wood and poor libido. I’m currently on methylphenidate as been prescribed for ADHD. I was unsure about taking but I have definitely had better erections and libido on the drug. I came off it for about 6 weeks and sexual sides got worse but having got back on sexually been feeling better again.

I am not saying it’s a wonder drug but definitely gives me 20-30% improvement so thought it would be worth posting


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In my experience, methylphenidate (aka ritalin) is wonderful as a dopamine bomb, but i don’t think it’s any sort of permanent cure. And then there’s the trade-off of vasoconstriction, especially if you take higher doses. Still, low-dose ritalin can be a good band-aid for some.

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Yeah I’m only on 10mg so a very low dose. Yeah that’s how I’d describe it. Not a cure by any means but certainly helps me with libido and erections quality

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