Methylphenidate cured me of my sexual pleasure

After using methylphenidate Relievers - 8hours later and taking nicergoline,I felt a sensation in my brain disappear quickly, I masturbated immediately, and I found that I had sexual pleasure


what sort of sensation in the brain, bro? Tinnitus?

I can’t describe that.
I can guarantee that I cured my Ed that way

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Interesting. Be sure to keep us updated and let us know if it lasts.

Okay it’s ritalin for ADHD. Interesting.

I tried it in March, and to this day, he hasn’t changed back

I see. Did you only take the methylphenidate and nicergoline that one day?


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What were the dosages?


Both of them?

18mg methylphenidate and 10mg nicergoline


Thank you for posting. How did you obtain the nicergoline?

Did it also recover your other symptoms? Please describe your sexual symptoms in detail so that we know what really happened.

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I’m also interested to know if finasteride caused you to have watery semen, and if that returned to normal.

I tried to buy camerolin on the Chinese website, but I didn’t get it, because the pronunciation was similar, So I bought it by mistake,Shortly after I acquired the PFS, I incidentally checked out my ADHD,Then I took methylphenidate, and on my third day, I took the nimerelin That I had received

My watery semen has always existed, but once or twice completely recovered, without watery semen, but only occasionally several times

So are you still recovered and not taking anything ?

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Sounds interesting…

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