methylation regimen


could someone please give me good regimen for that?
i read on the threads, but there are like 10+ supplaments for that, and this is to much for me.
so i thought about that:

1)selenium … 3f27ead53a


3)k2 mk-7 … 27dc55c6a8

4)tmg- could somepne give me a link?
5)metafolin … 27dc798421

what do you think?

You’re Missing B12 Methylcobalamin

For MTHFR I’m just taking:

B6 P5P from Countrylife brand
B9 Metafolin from Solgar
B12 Methycobalamin from Solgar

In Yasko protocol you also have stuff like TMG and selenium…so I don’t know, up toyou, but I think it’s best to start with the minimum necessary.

Then I’m also takign for my cold:
Vitamin C

And I’m cutting down my trazodone.

Guys, I found a natural “Daily Multi-Vitamin/Mineral” supplement which contains many of the items mentioned in this methylation regimen except TMG and Metafolin.
I’ve been taking it for over a month now and it’s had a big impact on my improvements.

EMPowerPlus Advanced by TRUEHOPE in Seattle WA.
This product is marketed for people with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Bipolar. Many of the PFS symptoms are similar.
List of Ingredients:

Improvements noticed:
Depression is nearly gone
No anxiety at all
Clear thinking
Not stuttering or losing train of thought
Able to communicate clearly
Confidence is coming back
More energy

I’m not saying this is a cure, or the only thing you need to get better. But it is certainly helping me.
I don’t take any prescription meds (not any more)
I work out daily and eat healthy, including whey protein shakes before/after workouts
I also use Andractim (topical DHT) which helps with libido. (this is a three month treatment)
And last but not least, I use Celtic Dreams before bed. This is a nasal spray of Allopregnenolone.

towm8er interesting you mentioned you are using Andractim for three months. Here some claims it shuts you down (no more T production) so do you have any feeling like it is shutting you down? are you planning any blood tests once you stop Andractim? Any improvement in muscles, appetite, dark circles under eyes? etc .

Looks like a good multivitamin, I could use something like that probably. I like that it has niacinamide for example. i havent heard much good stuff about the cyanocobalamin though.
Has the allopregnenole spray lost it’s efficacy over time? How long have youbeen taking it for? Has this improved your sleep?

ok i ordered:

B6 P5P from Countrylife brand
B9 Metafolin from Solgar
B12 Methycobalamin from Solgar

i will use also 4000iu vit d.

what should i add?

I think MarioVitali regimen looks very good and he’s seeing results. For methylation he takes in addition to the one’s you bought: Lions Mane and TMG. Maybe have a look onhis threads

I’m still waiting to see results , i started on:

B9 for 4 days, then B6 for 4 days and today I started as well B12.
I had the impression I was doing better just with B9 so I stopped the B6 for now. But it’s hard to tell.

I’m going to give it a few days.
I’m quitting trazodone, @25mg down from 75mg, and I think my sleep is getting worse again.

I’m thiking of ordering 23andme but it’s so expensive for me 99$+80$shipping.the correct approach would be to buy that test and the methylation panel but that’s even worse 300€. I mean, I have the money but bloody hell, how much money have I spent already on this withouth results. Maybe I’ll buy the 23andme and cut on other expenses I may have.

anyway, I’m also taking 1-2g a day Vit-C and 25mg Zinc. Vit C relieves me some stress. I think it’s a very good addition.
I also bought D3 so I will be adding that soon too.

If someone know any Vitamin-Vitamin or Mineral-Mineral, Vitamin-Mineral combinations we shouldn’t do, are dangerous, or deplete other minerals/vitamins, can you please post here?

anyone noticing a problem with b12 methylcobalamin?I’m not sure it’s that or lack of proper sleep…

yesterday my anxiety was through the rough and couldn’t fall asleep (1st day of b12)
today I took 250mcg instead of 1000mcg but 30m later or so, noticed increased anxiety. took b6 50mg and anxiety diminished.
i don’t know if it’s all just coincidence because of lack of proper sleep or the b12
i seemed to get along well with the b9 though

Towm8er- How long did it take you to feel the positive benefits from andractim gel?

i had a really bad response to methylcobalamin. severe brain fog, worsening of twitches, bad neurological symptoms. managed to return to baseline after a week off. started on a sublingual b complex just over a week or so ago and was feeling ok to begin with, unfortunately brain fog etc got worse so I’ve had to stop that as well.

vit b definitely plays some kind of role here though

i’m positive about it playing a role too.

for now i’m waiting for my 23andme kit to arrive…it’s very expensive ±150€…but hopefully it will give me some more clues to what is plagging me :frowning:

ill be posting my genes here

ok i am a week into this regimen.
and at the last days i have more night erections.

Can someone explain the methylation cycle? Why are you guys doing it? And is there any scientific proof of fin damaging this?


Many thanks! Are you experiencing benefits for the protocol?

Someone recovered by this?

watch out with methyl donors. A warning about SAMe, methylcobalamin, and high-dose B vitamins