Metformin - epigenetic and androgen modulator

surprised no one is trying metformin seeing that it modulates DNMT, HDAC, AR mRNA etc


@Jaime is taking it. A simple search will yield that a few have tried


Yep I’m on 250 mg now. It should be known metformin Can lower testosterone, so that’s why I’m on such a low dose. I took it cause I was exhausted after meals and had high ish fasting glucose.

It’s giving me slightly better energy! Haven’t been exhausted after a meal in a while, too.

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yeah the OP paper says it is a mixed HDAC inhibitor/agonist that must be why it fucks testosterone/igf receptors

curcumin(injectable) or hydralazine might be a better choice with a HDAC inhibitor like valproate

they are just as good as metformin for longevity it seems

and what they all have in common?? DNA methyltransferase inhibition :thinking:

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I’m really feeling so well in metformin. (1000mg day)
was in the middle of a crash with adrenergic bursts, and simply stopped it.
My mind is clearer and i even notice an slight libido.
Was on metformin for 2 months from March to May and also stopped the incidence of bad days and chilled me a lot.
I know it lowers testosterone, but man, this is how i feel on it. It works for me.
Metformin is also anti inflammatory and a demethylation agent, so here we have a point

David sinclair an anti aging doctor uses it because it activates sirtuins pathways just as exercise and fasting does.

Metformin lowers testosterone as fasting does.
This, plus that is anti inflammatory, is doing the trick for me.
i will continue on it for sure.

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