Metabolic & Muscle Shutdown


Hey guys,

Probably my absolute worst symptom is my entire body changing, getting very smooth, rubbery, and grayish skin. Lots of muscle loss, and a very bad, dead feeling inside my abdomen. The dead ,cramping feeling inside my abdomen tells me that my muscles and metabolism are simply not responding anymore. Whatever it is that keeps men looking dense, their metabolisms revved up, and the ability to maintain lean muscle mass, it has completely shut off. It’s like the muscles around my stomach and everywhere else are offline. There’s a steady twitch in my abs that you can see, it’s like a heartbeat. It is there constantly and never goes away. When I go for a jog or quick walk, it speeds up and I get a runner’s stitch very easily around my midsection. It is absolutely horrific. At this point, I worry about gaining a disgusting amount of weight, as my body has basically shut off.


You sound like a very severe case, friend. What have doctors told you? Have they ran ECGs?

@axolotl would give you really good advice since he also has a bad symptomology and has been in and out of doctors offices.

Personally, I would go to a Internal Medicine Doctor (vague enough specialty that can refer to other specialists) where you present with the focus being on your symptoms and not “this is PFS.” I’d hate for you to get rushed out of the door and labeled as a hypochondriac if you talk about PFS too much. Maybe just mention the fact this all happened after Finasteride, and leave it at that. Show them previous lab work, too. And before/after pictures if you have any of your body, skin.

Until you’re at that doctor, I wouldn’t take any supplement. It seems like severe cases get crashes triggered by supplements more easily than mild cases.

I’d like other people to pitch in advice, too, though. Are you still able to study? If you are, dive deep into your studies to cope with this. That’s what I’ve done and it’s kept me afloat. It also gives me hope of making enough money to treat myself, fund research, and live okay in the future. Be strong, and conservative in your remaining health!

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I’m in the same situation…
Heavy muscle loss, hair loss, dry skin, joint pain and gut issues…


I’ve posted my lab work in my member story, my hormones are definitely out of wack. I’ve had an MRI, EEG, eye exam, all came up clean. I’ve not run any sort of muscle testing. The endocrinologist wants to try a Clomid cycle. I’ve spoken on the phone to a PFS suffererer who is an actual dermatologist, and says he had success with Alan Jacobs and Clomid/Arimidex combination. Obviously, I am aware that this could fuck me up worse. But it has been over 9 months with NO IMPROVEMENT WHATSOEVER. I have gotten worse. Something in my body has completely switched off. This is insane man.


I guess it’s also worth noting (i’ve posted this elsewhere) that my sweat patterns and body odor have changed completely. I’ve never been a heavy sweater while jogging or exercising. Now, I sweat all over my entire body, my arms, under my pits, back, everywhere. A 30 minute jog and I’m sweating from every pore in my body. Also, my body odor is a cross between vinegar and cat piss now. It smells absolutely putrid and unnatural. I’ve seen @RecentQuitter describe this exact thing with his body odor in old posts.