Merck agrees to settle 562 Propecia/Finasteride US lawsuits


That can’t be right. What you probably agreed to is that they take 33.33% of the settlement, which is industry standard. But because payouts were terribly low, their administrative costs and fees ended up taking more than 50% of the settlement in addition to the 33% they get.

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Ah. You’re probably right!


Like Rt1980, I only got 33% of the settlement amount. They deducted attorney fees, case associated expenses, a common benefit fee, a lien resolution fee, and an administrative fee. That ended up taking 67% of gross settlement. What a joke!

Is there anything we can do? Or are we, as usual, screwed?


Probably not. My law firm claims they even reduced their cut of the lawyers’ fees since the settlement fund was so small. Either way, I’m going to be asking for a full accounting of their fees outside of the 33.33% they get from the settlement. It’s probable that there’s specific charges to your case (for example, I spoke with an attorney once or twice), and I wouldn’t be surprised if they either overcharged for those or just made up a number. I want to see exactly where their costs/fees went rather than some useless line-item charges.


It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the lawyers who are suing Merck are actually on Mercks payroll.

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Hello everyone, would it be possible to know what convention you have signed because your benefits appear very little on arrival … Sorry for this question but I think I will also complain and I would like to have information. Thanks in advance.

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The Sanders Firm ended up consolidating most if not all of the defendant cases. Standard practice for contingent class action lawsuits is for firms to take 33.33% of the judgment plus fees. The fees aren’t a big issue if the settlement is large, but in this case since the defendants essentially lost with such a tiny settlement fund, lawyer’s fees + their 33% cut left everyone with a laughable amount of money for permanent long-term pain and physical injury.


Thank you very much for your information Spolistique.


Are you guys all with the Sanders firm? I haven’t received mine yet and they keep telling me that they aren’t dispersing funds yet and don’t know when they will. I think they are all sketchy.


Yeah they are dispersing funds. The person you spoke with is either dumb, uninformed, or lying.


Hey Spolistic, have you gotten any answers from the Sanders firm yet? I plan on calling too. Are they willing to give us a more detailed breakdown of their fees?


As always, they’re incredibly difficult and have basically ignored me after assuring me they’d send the info. I had to call 4-5 times before I finally got someone to confirm when they were finally sending me the info, and they sounded annoyed that I was calling. Like most law firms, they don’t want anything to do with you once they have your money :wink: Will let you know what I receive when I get it.

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Here’s a breakdown of what the Sanders firm takes out of the settlement in addition to the 33.33% they get for their cut:

Nurse Review (hourly expense in reviewing and indexing the medical records received)
Mediconnect (certified stamped records that would have been eligible for trial)
Filing/ Service Fee (something they charge you because they can)
FedEx (obvious)
Pooled Expenses (based on settlement pool)
Expert Doctor Review (A couple grand)


I see, thanks for following up. They were supposed to send me an itemized list also, but they never did. So are you going to try to fight any of these charges, or is it time to bite the bullet and give up?


I’m not. Would have to go to court to do it. They’re not parting with any of those fees now that they have the money.