Merck agrees to settle 562 Propecia/Finasteride US lawsuits


I agree that a few thousand dollars is ridiculous, however, I have no reliable sources to indicate that it will only be a few thousand dollars. I haven’t been able to find the actual court documents.

It has already been almost 10 years. It looks like these cases were difficult to “prove” in a legal sense - that propecia was the actual cause (the whole correlation/causation issue). Therefore, it looks like Merck is getting off pretty easy (which is sad and ultimately sets a very bad precedent for drug companies being punished for malicious behavior).

Or perhaps the settlements will be larger than we are talking about. I don’t think anyone really has any good information right now. My firm said they can’t even estimate the amount of an average settlement.

Again, this is all my speculation as I have no solid sources.

Interested to hear if others are settling or if anyone has any better information.


I don’t have any input besides doubting many of the counsels would trade their mind and genitalia for $9k, but I have seen this which seems to reflect those numbers:


Can’t you find out the amount before you agree to it, you should be able to.

No amount of money can make up for this though, there’s no point in suing if that’s your only goal. Merck won’t really be punished anyways. People will continue to get side effects and sue in the future though, that’s for certain so they won’t be able to keep sweeping it under the rug.


Thanks for sharing the information.

I don’t believe there will be a chance to see the amount before you agree to settle. I’ve already tried and my firm said there is no way to know until they actually do the analysis.

What else I found out is that “points” will be awarded on a case by case basis depending on various factors. Each case will be adjusted positively and negatively depending on the circumstances. Eventually every case will have a point total. Then the settlement fund total $ amount will be used to determine a $ per point value. Each plaintiff will then get their respective $ amount based on their number of points.

What may happen is that a good deal of the cases may receive no award, and thus the total settlement fund will be divided among a smaller pool of plaintiffs, which will increase their award.

They want a lot more detail now on before propecia medial records, which will be used to toss out cases.

If your case makes it through the process and you have a high amount of points, you could be entitled to a reasonable award. Or, unfortunately, you may receive no award or a very small award.

Still interested to hear if anyone else is settling?


For those who aren’t agreeing to settle, what kind of response are you receiving from your attorneys? That they will proceed to trial? They will seek to withdraw from counsel?


7 years, replied to your message. My lawyer said they’re not pursuing further and know of no other firms accepting cases for this type of suit.


The global fund info is here. 4.3mil for hundreds of cases


I think I am going to settle. The numbers seem paltry and I probably won’t get much of anything but I just don’t care anymore. I’ll make a donation to the foundation and move on with my life. I pretty much already have to the best of my ability anyway. It’s been seven years and I am over it.


There will be no new lawsuits against Merck or any generic manufacturer of finasteride . First 80% plus of all cases were thrown out . The lawyers for class action sold us out and dont give a dman about us period or PFS as it was all about and is about greed and selfishness. - money for themsel;vex and not getting us treated or even our lifetime medical costs for PFS . IF the lawyers were so good why have they not appealed the settlement to higher courts or appealed the class action to higher courts instead of taking a carppy settlement that doesn’t even pay our medical costs alone.? Remember this if that settlement is 1000, 2000 3000 or 4000 your lawyer gets 50% of that amount at least . You wind up with nothing and $2000 max of aggravation which only affects your PFS further and PTSD symptomology etc .

It is true that to sue lawyers have told me nor will take my case or an individual case or sue the veterans administration for us PFS veterans that they have to pay the pfs except witnesses at least $50,000 to $60,000 to testify as expert witnesses and they need at least two to sue the VA doctors After court costs , lawyers costs , copying costs , etc etc they would win $20,000 max out of a $200,000 limit under VA and US government VA tort laws . Is why no lawyers will help us veterans with PFGS or any other VA negligence or malpractice or abuse etc due to government VA tort laws . They will take no case that produces $10,000 for them and $10,000 for you unless its done in a class action. but they have to have enough PFS veterans to even start a class action against the VA doctors.

Also the bottom line in the PFS lawsuit in which we had incompetent negligent lawyers in which 80% of those cases thrown pout we were denied in talking with or be given so called expert plaintiff witnesses who threw out these 80% of cases . I smell a fat rat here in that the lawyers in the class action sold 80% of the cases out while settling for peanuts on the other 20% with Merck because they were working with Mercks and its best interests and not our own. Whop knows what kickbacks or secret deals went on with Merck behind closed doors. IN my own case my l;lawyer in the class action was so stupid she actually sued the wrong company as Merc ks attorney told me as the finasteride I took was generic manufactured and Merck cant be sued supposedly as the m,anufacturere is a different company most often an India based company. Problem is the VA in its cover up and lies has violated P and violating the statue of PFS veterans legal rights by refusing to produce who the manufacturers of our generic finasteride was even under FOIA act request violating their own pharmacy laws . BY not knowing such no lawyer will take the case and their is a two year statue of limitations to bring a law suit .

The PFS class action lawyers sold us out and allowed illegally 80% of cases to be thrown out ands not allowing us to talk with their “expert witnesses” who threw them out before reaching the court . The main reason was that if you continued to take finasteride past the FDA 2012 drug warning you have no case and can file no case so anyone who took this drug past2012 has no case as “there was a warning label” Problem is many of us had full blown symptomology before 2012 in our medical records and with the Veterans administration we have proof that they had no adverse symptomology warnings from an FOIA act request between and before September 2009 and through April/May 2014 despite two FDA warnings . The VA drug formulary was done on finasteride before 2004 and since then has never been changed despite FDA warnings in 2012 and 2014 and beyond .

In my own VA records are lies and proof that VA doctors and chief of staffs have stated in denying us PFS v eta any treatment " Once you cease finasteride all adverse symptomology goes away. There are no specialists in post finasteride syndrome" Despite FDA warning labels which state “There maybe permanent adverse symptomology…” my lawyers and no lawyers will help us or do a damn thing to sue the VA doctors and the VA who have denied diagnosis and evaluation and treatment and recognition of PFS . I was told that my four doctors -two evaluations done via VA medical records, etc DR Michael Irwig , DR Allen Jacobs, DR Anne Ganzer etc are all bogus doctors , their research and PFS research is bogus, the NIH is bogus in their listing and that PFS doesn’t exists . Also the lawyers suing Merck and their fellow doctors are all bogus as well as no one has permanenet symptomology from the drug finasterdie nor does PFS exist while the VA reports out of 5 million veterans given finasterdie not one case of adverse symptomology to VA P:harmony an d FDA medwatch and do no screenings at all esp[ecially mental health PTSD etc diagnosed veterans and the VA’s uriologist hands out the drug like candy with no warnings and against FDA drug warnings . The VA doctors administrators etc blame all the symptomology on enlarged prostate or BPH or a veterans mental health diagnosis or mental health and give veterans loads of anti depressants illegally without acknowledging or testing for PFS. The VA could not test for PFS because the two hormone tests used to help in diagnosis the VA does not even have in its lab and has to be approved to be sent out for and paid for by the VA.

Feel free to contact DR Mary BUrkhardt Director of VA Patient safety who can do nothing to make the VA and its doctors etc accountable or ethical . P{hone 734-930-5890

One of the huge problems legally for us is to get any kind of ethical attorney who cars about our healthy and welfare and who has any kind of compassion rather then greed and selfishness . Those lawyers are far and few in-between and dont exist in big class action or large law firms . Thye need to go through what we do on a daily basis fighting PFS and fighting suicidal ideation . They dont give a damn like my lawyer I had and are unethical and have no hearts or caring . Their caring iOS about what they get and the hell with the client for his p;win and suffering and his medical costs etc and furniture medical costs . The settlement shows our attorneys sold us out . They were in bed with Merck and about themselves . If they truly believed in us and that PFS exists and our suffering they would never have taken any steelment or allowed 80% of the cases to be thrown out and appealed the case .

My other problem in all of this is the supposed PFS doctors and researchers who talk the talkl but dont walk the walk. Most of these researchers and doctors dont take medicare or private insurance at all . They charge $450 to $1,000 or more with travel to them plus any drug therapy costs for meds and also you have too play four blood testing since they are not medicare certified nor are they approved by your insurance and thus c ant wrote blood testing scripts on your insurance . Thus you pay for diagnostic testing . This is most of the specialists listed by the Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation, Very few if any do pro bono cvases . Thhese experts and researchers in PFS that supposedly believe in it and research it etc also ask for $50,000 to $60,000 plus expenses to come into court. Yet how many give a dime to the Post Finasterdie Syndrome Foundation or any advocacy organization or towards diagnosis or treatment for poor people and vets suffering from PFS ?? Its seems that they talk outside both side of their mouths . Their behavior just like the lawyers are about greed while they talk the talk.

It appears many come to be PFS specialists based on greed and publicity and not the compassion, humanity and caring about patients of PFS . I have yet to have one of these socialist doctors or researchers call me back in most cases nor get involved in advocating for PFS diagnosis and treatment and reporting and recognition of us from the veterans administration . They will not make calls nor contact the VA to get us help etc after they state we have PFS . The first point of any doctor, psychologist , psychotherapists, social worker etc is about their patients. They are to be advocates for their patients . Yet there is none of that going on based on private pay money from PFS patients with failure to take any private insurance , medicare or medicaid nor even being an advocate against other doctors and the VA who deny that we have PFS despite their evaluations and that it doesn’t exist.

I blame also PFS specialty doctors who will not get involved in the advocacy to recognize PFS unless they get paid big bucks to come to court or to advocate against the VA or other doctors hospitals or journals or urology associations in behalf of PFS patients .

Lastly if you took finasteride, procepia or proscar after the FDA drug warnings or even before and kept taking such past FDA drug warnings on the label after 2012 you have no case legally and even those of us b before such date have been thrown in the ditch and abonadoined by our lawyers and also by the PFS experts who received big bucks to testify or to advocate for jus while we commit suicide an d die and they dont give a dman and neither does the VA as well.

veteran Contact :


This is unbelievable! I don’t comprehend how Merck executives and Merck lawyers can live with themselves. They sure will get big bonuses after the trial is over though.

I am extremely curious if someone who participated in the trial can give us some information about Merck’s line of defense.


Half of them will end up taking finasteride or some other prostate drug for prostate issues and they’ll probably get side effects if it makes you feel any better lol.


I wonder if the accutane guys such as me could get together and have a crack at roche? If we got any money it could be used to fund research no? I’m pretty confident if i can get doctors etc on board i could make a case, there’s no other reason my skin would do what it has done, i can at least try prove that, I’m sure it’s harder than it sounds but do any intelligent legal guys know if a case is possible? I’d be very interested especially if i can get an ERG for my eyes etc, the more stuff that happened and isn’t explainable by any other issue, im sure a case could be made.


People have been awarded millions of dollars from Accutane lawsuits. You could google and contact them and try but it’d probably be hard as they most likely have family members hounding them for money.


Many of the class action lawyers were incompetent and only about the money . They did not care. We were not allowed to talk with the plaintiff export witnesses nor did we know who they are or were. I made a comp;paint to the court about my l;lawyer and have heard nothing . No line gives a dman about ortu suffering and the settlement doesn’t even cover doctors costs to plaintiffs . 80% of cases were thrown out if you took finasteride past FDA warnings of 2012 even though you may have had full blown symptomology before such and your rotor told you to keep taking it and out was 100% safe .

In addition stupid incompetent lawyers sued the wrong plaintiff . Instead o suing the generic manufacturer of the drug as the incompetent plaintiff lawyers never looked up the drug code for the finasteride prescribed for the patient they assumed it was from Merck. Merck only manufacturers proscar aand procepia and the generic is manufactured mainly in India for finasteride. since around 1997 . Thus incompetent attorneys for plantifs never did their homework for their clients



I’d need some good evidence etc, but if that’s possible and i got a lot of momey, that’d he very useful to donate a fair amount. Basically I’d be the people who messed us up paying for research :blush:


There have been people awarded millions in Accutane lawsuits, but Roche keeps appealing, and appealing, and appealing. This has been going on for nearly a decade with the Crohn’s/IBS/IBD lawsuits and I don’t think anyone has ever seen a large payout, with the exception of Liam Grant, one of the founders of the old RoAccutane Action Group, whose son committed suicide. He settled (was paid off) in exchange for a gag-order that stipulated that he could not publicly battle Roche or discuss his case.

Anyways, it is painful to bear witness to people harmed by pharmaceuticals being continually beaten down by a blatantly corrupt legal system. To receive some small iota of justice, I think you must be able to show with nearly %100 certainty that the drug is at fault and that takes more research than what is available on Accutane or on PFS at this point. Had fingers crossed years ago that the PFS research would be ahead of the court cases, offering a diagnostic test for the plaintiffs.


Hopefully future research will allow us have a case then, all we need is some sort of proof to fight with legally.


I took it for prostrate… you are right… more cases will grow… and no matter which doctor I spoke to about it, they all say it’s only a small percentage… maybe the damn lawsuit will wake them up


Did anyone else receive their settlement check yet? Lawyers fees took 57% of my settlement. What a great invention the class action suit is for lawyers. So terrible.


Got mine too. I received 33% of the settlement amount. However I recall agreeing to that percentage when I first joined the lawsuit forever ago. I was hoping for about $60,000 though and not $6,655. That would make the side effects a little easier to forget.