Mental sides only

Hello, I would like to know your opinion of the mental issues and especially of the anhedonia.
I have been 6 months without fines and I only have mild depression, mild anxiety, severe anhedonia and moderate insomnia. I have read that the mental effects usually improve in a few years but then looking at anhedonia cases I hardly see improvements while with depression and anxiety I do.

so anhedonia tends to improve normally like the rest of mental issues or not

I took inasteride 2 months and fin off 6 months ago

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It seems for me the mental part is causing all issues. You could take a look at my story to see what I’m dealing with if you want.

Mental sides probably “improve” because you’re living with it for years at that point. You have learned to deal with it. Time doesn’t heal, time makes you accustomed to what doesn’t heal.

Me and you have a very identical symptom profile especially with the severities of each symptom

My anhedonia has not improved. At the beginning I had 70-80% severity, then I took 5-htp which permanently bumped that number up to 90-95% numbness

I’m just used to it now and carry on. Forgot what normal feels like

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