Mental Sides are Brutal!!!

So for us lucky ones that got are brains damaged what tha hell Is going on that this drug can totally change our past feelings and behaviors.Crazy huhh Ive been off this pill for going on 7yrs already and still screwed up.I mean its getting a little better as i dont have the horrible panic attacks no more but some days i feel ok and some days i feel zombied out.My new brain seems to gotten programmed to not do certain things anymore.I guess its due to when i had serious anxiety, i couldnt go out with freinds and party, even being in a car with friends i would panic i cant be in hot weather no more either or i feel like im going to die.I now feel more comfortable going places solo and being a loner but i can occasionally go out to friends but still dont feel right.Another weird thing is say when i drink a beer on a empty stomach i feel super spaced out opposed to drinking with food in me which still doesnt feel the same post fin but its a different kinda feeling not bad but isnt the same.I used to be super happy while drunk now it just kinda mellows me out but i still dont feel right, spaces me out another weird thing is i used to be a habitual weed smoker but quit now thanks to fin, if i smoke i get the craziest mind trip and spacey feeling as to post fin i would be happy.I guess it has something to do with the gaba receptors being damaged and allopregnanolone this stuff is very complicated.I just wonder why some people get the horrible brain sides and some dont i took it for bout 3 months on and off wonder if i woulda stuck it out my brain would of adjusted better.Its crazy i havent posted here for awhile but still going thru a altered state of life.I just try and adapt to it and hope that one day i can get back to the good ol days.Sorry for the long post just had to rant a little Lol…What do you guys think our future prognosis is??

Oh man, i’m sorry, hope u feel better as u are improving I wish u get back your old feelings. I just wanted to ask you if you have any sexual sides, I have PFS since 3 months ago and right now I just have the sexual sides… For me the worst i think…almost total impotence :(. Did u have them and now u r recovered? Thx

yep… im 6 or so years off…
i still can’t remember my parents…
life is a complete hell… empty. my looks are starting to go… the lack of sleep… my brain won’t relax… my body aches… it doesnt feel like im in my body… it feels like someone elses…
umm what else… im exhausted 24/7 because i dont get deep sleeps…
im constantly hallucinating… my eyes cant see very well in the dark…
my dick still gets no pleasure… balls shrunken and erection weak… ive become asexual… i didnt think it was possible.
umm fuck… just so much other shit… it’s a miracle how i am still alive… i expect to have a heart attack or suffocate in my sleep for over a year now.
i have an intense pressure in my abdoment throat and brain… and i feel like my stomache is going to implode constantly… my throat feels like im suffocating… and my brain… sometimes i think im goign to have a stroke from the pressure…

That’s Kenneth C. Frazier for you.

What a swell guy!

Yup, and honestly nobody at Merck, in the medical community, the government or the public at large gives at damn about these drugs destroying people. And thats the bottom line truth of it, nobody cares about side effects until their the one that gets hit with them.

I’ve often thought about that. At some point before their big layoff, Merck had like 80,000 employees. So now they probably have 70,000. So you figure the chances are pretty good that SOME Merck employee took one of Merck’s many defective drugs and experienced irreparable harm, right?

Probably a few, but generally from what I’ve seen Americans are pretty complacent with how the system works. Their government and corporations fuck over the people in the name of money, and power and the people just accept it and try to live the best (however minuscule) lives they can.

So I think you have to look hard to find anyone willing to “toot” their horns about it.

Also I do know for a fact that Special Agents assigned to the Office of the Inspector General inside the FDA are aware of shady deals between the FDA, politicians, and the big drug companies, how many of them do you see coming forward? Like myself being threatened by certain entities over going to public about certain things surrounding my knowledge of how things function in the USA, I am sure these people fear being treated like whistleblowers.

Wereas now your typical whistleblower is treated like a war criminal by most governments.

You just summed up my life for the last 9 years. I’ve adjusted though it gets better. Eventually you will start to have a mix of not so bad days and bad days and you just learn to survive the bad days.

Some good news is Ive managed to get married, secure a decent job, enjoy some activities, and get over the majority of phoibias that developed over the daily panic attack days.

You need to push yourself past all your comfort levels for you to get rid of the association your brain has developed with the panic attacks.

The brain damage does seem to be persistent hopefully they can shed some light with these studies on why this is occurring because none of my dr’s have any clue!


Hey thats good news congrats on your marriage yea i guess i need some cognitive therapy or something.But still cant shake the out of body feeling i get sometimes its crazy.Hope our minds can one day get back to normal but we just gotta live with it for now fuckn merk they robbed us of our sanity.

The out of body feeling goes away with time. I’m not saying that you will feel normal but you will get to the point that at least on your bad days you will feel sane but still like shit.


seeing you guys 6 and 7 years out of the drug, and still feeling the sides. I feel hopeless.

I am just out of the drug for 8 months, currently experiencing:

  1. Depression attacks, few times per week.
  2. Sexually side effects, I am back 80%.

The depression attacks are killing me at times. Does anyone know which type of doctor should I go seeking?

Luckily i have 2 wonders kids and a really supporting wife, my career is going great. and I am doing well financially. Thinking back, Propecia is the worse thing I took, and I have huge regrets, what’s done is done. So I am just moving forward seeking help for my depression.

A year or two off is usually when you will see more improvements mentally.

I came back to post recently due to Elon Musk’s interview, he is taking propecia and has some depression, not sure if he knows side effects of Propecia…

Anyways, I am off the drug for 9 years, now see my post in 2015 made me laugh, I have 0 depression now… thanks for the supporting of this forum and all of you guys.