Mental issues

I took Propecia (Branded) for about 6 years. I have stopped it for about 14 months, but i feel like i am still suffering from Anxiety and Depression? I have no idea why i feel this way. It’s not all the time, it comes on at random, I feel so down, and depressed for absolutely no reason at all?

I have a great family and kids, I am well to do financially, I have really ZERO reason to be this depress, it’s hard to explain the feeling.

Should I go see a psychologist? Do they deal with medical related issue such as Propecia?

While I was on Propecia, sex drive was at 20%, now it’s around 80%, greatly improved. No more numbness, it’s really the mental issues that worries me, and no, I do NOT have any suicide thoughts. My life is too good for that.

Thank you for listening.

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I think this has purely endocrine cause. Affecting testosterone level can cause depression itself, no physiological factors are needed for that. I think this is because your hormone balance is still not yet 100% recovered.
Stay strong!

it’s 2024 I have been fully recovered for few years now… Thanks everyone… wow, stay away from this drug people.