Men with "Extreme Overall Hair Change" with PFS ?

This is absolutely a very humiliating thing on top of being very ill. Having PFS hair, that looks like an older woman’s with menopause or “old lady hair.” Thin, dry, curly and poofy overall crappy texture. Completely massacred on top of my health. Any of you, like myself, had thick healthy looking hair, before taking finasteride for a receding hairline?

Your thoughts? What could be causing this and how do you all cope?

Mine seems to be very similar to woman’s shit hair during menopause or during hormonal therapy. … your-hair/

Yeah mine has become thinner, dryer, and worst of all it appears to be losing its lust. Its kind of a dull brown now whereas it used to be shinier.

I think our PFS damaged hair, is an important clue, especially if we had healthy hair prior to ingesting this poison.

So much for Merck’s promises, and the dermatologists, in that your old hair would return to normal upon cessation of the drug. Just another traumatic slap in the face on top of being sick to the point of disability. What a quality of life. Ugly and sick. Have we digested a radioactive substance? Like Hiroshima fallout…unbelievable drug and it’s destructive ability.

A very thorough examination of the thyroid, including an ultrasound, is most definitely a priority now.

In nature one and the other are closely correlated.

One could even say: Health is expressed outward to the world through beauty.

Great beauty means great health. Certain features are beautiful because they express health.

Since getting this disease:

  1. my skin is drier and thinner, also I have lost facial fat (collagen)
  2. my hair has been fucked over from great looking to average
  3. My face has narrowed considerably via less pronounced cheekbones and a narrower jaw
  4. my adams apple is now not visible anymore from being very pronounced
  5. i have lost muscle on my arms and my neck is very skinny

How about ED symptoms, do you get these?

Absolutely. My hair is really dry and bad looking. And the skin on my face and forehead feels like its mummifying. Its so thin and tight. Its very uncomfortable and i look like a corpse. My professional life has suffered because of this. I hate going anyplace i have no self esteem. People look at me like im an alien. It is truly unreal on top of the more serious side effects like the genitals of an infant.

Count me in for old lady hair; my scalp has had periods of being on fire for the past few years and my hair now is so baby fine but incredibly dry and lifeless…I also was one with normal hair but worried about receding hairline.
The hair issue is not critical like the sexual sides however with me getting older my appearance is getting more important while sexual prowess less so…

@pvdl hello mate did any of your changes improve or at least stabilise. IE cheekbones, Adams apple, masculine shape?

Mine thinned all over, turned white on the sides…got very dry and curly where it was straight and very thick and black…looks like total shit now and has never went back to normal or improved.

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