Member Somanyregrets not visited here for 4 weeks+ - concerned

Hi there guys

I’m posting this as I’m concerned about the welfare of @somanyregrets as he has not been active on the forum since mid May and hasn’t replied to a message I sent him 8 days ago. If anyone has been in touch with him since or if you read this @somanyregrets - just saying that you are in my thoughts and that I hope that you are doing okay. The community here is 100% behind you. Stay strong.

(Apologies if you’re just having a break and here’s me arranging a search party)


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he’s over at the other forum hanging with mr cdnuts

Thanks for letting me know @whathaveidone4669

I’m pleased to hear that he’s still active and fighting the fight.

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Oh wow! I wish I saw this. I’m sorry for worrying you Scotsman, and I really appreciate you looking out for me. Just answered your PM now.

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