Melncangi's Study on Microbiome: my individual results

hello guys,
i took part in the Melcangi’s study on the gut microbiome alterations due to this poison and these are the results. i thought someone might find it interesting or useful

Text is in italian.

Do you have an English version?
Or could you maybe summerize the results? Because I can’t really understand it but I’m kindda curious.

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the study says that i have a disbyosis, if this is correctly written, with high Escherichia-Shiegella bacteria and low Faecalibacterium spp.

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So now you know , what will you do about it? Were you given any treatment options or advice on how to fix your dysbiosis?

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the advice is mediterranean diet, probiotics with many different bacteria, healthy lifestyle.
I do not agree completely. the mediterranean diet contains grains and other no good stuff for my pfs. nope.
also, the researcher wants to experiment with exogenous allo, which seems to be the same old mainstream science way to act: they treat the symptoms while not curing the cause. and i do not want my body to depend on big pharma. so not for me.

i think i’m gonna simply do the cdnuts protocol from the beginning.

Can you tell a bit more about the study? Melcangi is solely focussing on the gut? I had done a microbiome test 5 years ago and i also had a severe dysbiosis, it also said ihad a pancreatic enzyme deficiency. Is he investigating the cause of this or what is causing this dysbiosis?

what i know is that i sent him my stools and then he did the rest.
i also know that he is interested in investigating artificial or exogenous allopregnanolone, if i do remember well, so maybe this will be the next study.

btw this had to be expected, i think almost every drug causes dysbiosis.
i feel like he is not interested in solving the root and that this microbiome studgy will end here, but maybe i’m wrong.

personally i’m not interested in mainstream medicine solutions such as drugs, i think i’m gonna reset my body through fasting, which would also reset the gut microbiome.
also, i suppose that we would become dependent on a new allo drug, which is not what i want.

This assumption would be correct.