Mega Protocol list for PFS - what am I missing

You really outdone yourself. I think if we consolidate this information into a document and work out a survey to others, we might be able to determine a relationship between regimen effectiveness and the sets of symptoms.


What are you sides?

low sensitivity and no pleasure in orgasm

Ha yes some are a little ridiculous. I will say it was sad reading recoveries, everytime someone posted a recovery someone would always write a post saying they were lying about their recovery. I’m sure that there are fake recoveries, but I know that there are real ones too. Research is incredibly slow, a lot of stories on here border on anger or suicidal the recovery stories are the most hopeful thing on this forum I think more light should be shed on them. I even found a guy that had PFS for 15 years and recovered so anything is possible.


U are very lucky to have gotten away with such mild Pfs issues

@LazarusRy I saw your YouTube video couple days ago. You’re a very strong dude, high respects!


Cheers mate it doesn’t feel like that most of the time. Life is so so tough. We do what we can to keep going. I hope we all get out of this one day. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback.


It sucks pretty bad to never enjoy sex and I believe it has killed my libido because I can’t feel it and by killing my libido it has made me not pursue relationships. I have evidence in my life that low libido is psychological do to the physical side effects of not feeling sex. My libido can be strong if I work hard on pretending PFS does not exist in my life.


It sounds like u have more than sensitivity and orgasm issues. Possibly mildly lower neurosteriods.

If I get a brain scan and don’t find any problems then it is 100 percent my endocrine system. Which is what everybody pretty much thinks anyway

I will say sounds like depression and brain fog are the worst symptoms but a lot of times I feel I would switch my orgasm problem with just having ED instead. If viagra doesn’t work you can always get a penile implant. Where orgasms are extremely hard to solve

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What? Who?


I think I had already read that thread, but totally forgot about it.

Well, it’s somehow encouraging.

Well, jokes aside potatoes provide good fuel for gut bacteria.

And don’t ask me why, but you’ll find a lot of people on the internet claming to have benefited a lot from eating potatoes alone for a short amount of time.

I believe the best thing I can try is to get in extremely good shape, which will also be the most challenging for me. Estrogen is stored in fat and people overweight have more estrogen. Weightlifting raises testosterone levels maybe the key is getting to zero percent body fat and forcing our bodies to gain muscle. The extra estrogen we then would produce could be eliminated

Dude, 0% body fat is impossible.Even 5% is very hard.

I’d imagine 5% is impossible for the majority of people. Even 10% would be practically impossible for most and would make you almost certainly look like the fittest person in any room.

Yeah,Professional bodybuilders can reach 5% fat.It is impossible for us.

Sorry wrote that really late maybe I should shoot for 10 percent