Mediherb tribulus

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows where can you buy mediherb tribulus online in the UK? I’d like to try it out, maybe one pill every second day for a week, and see if there are any improvements. Do you need a prescription for this? I took a look at the website but it won’t let you buy it without a code.

Waste of money I used it and every now and then I’d get random minor improvements but nothing close to fixing my situation. I went through around 7-8 bottles of that stuff it’s just some over hyped crap that few people got better on.

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Have to cycle it.

I did multiple times it’s not worth it man just a waste of money and time I should have been hopping on proviron prior to that.

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Aight. How u doing on proviron.

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Still waiting to get here gonna use it soon.

keep us updated

Try this:

Thanks Mercked - will give it a go

how did things go

Only ordered it last night - will let you know. Reply back to this so I get a notification in case I forget as I log in here max once a month

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try to use a little dose and dont expect it to work right away

Thanks - every second day for a week is the plan and I should be able to gauge if it gives me a boost. All I’m looking for is a short term boost when I may be sexually active - I know it’s not going to cure anything long term but I’m making improvements and confident I’ll get there in time. Off it 12 months now.

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Standard Process was having issues finding a source in Bulgaria so it was on back order till 2021. But now it should only be a few months before its back in stock again.

I used the following form to and called about 12 Chiropractors in my area that carry MediHerb/Standard Process and was able to find 2 bottles of MediHerb Tribulus.

Thanks moonman1… I got a bottle from the website which Mercked suggested - anthrobotanice and it arrived within a week I think… I haven’t tried it yet as I think I came down with that virus recently and was working 12 hour plus days for a month, so the last thing I wanted to do was experiment with a supplement when I was so run down… Going to try it in October when I’ve recovered from working the long hours and see if I get any reaction from it