Mcibofh: Pushing 5 years off blood work and status


As some of you may recall I choose the TRT path. I am in my 40’s now and I have had my kids so I really didn’t care about the fertility aspect. If you’re young you may want to consider alternatives. I think the main issue is getting your hormonal profile sorted and keeping it their long-term to get the best results. It appears that I have found my personal sweet spot. For me, this is 50mg of Testosterone Cyp. every three to four days no AI required. The other things I use are OTC stuff that most doctors would likely recommend for people my age. Q10, choline inositol, turmeric, fish oil and so on. I sort all this into a pillbox and take it daily. I feel this helps with compliance. I work out six days per week and try to keep my body fat levels as low as I can. At the moment I am on the high side at 20% but that’s coming down rather quickly and I expect to be at or below 15% within the next 60 days.

If you told me I would feel this good in 2018 back in 2014 I would have assumed you were just not understanding how totally fucked I was. Many of us in the heat of this battle often get the feeling that we are somehow more fucked then everyone else especially anyone that has something positive to say. This experience has left an indelible mark on my psyche as I am sure it has all of you as well. This was a journey and I would never assume what worked for me is necessarily a turnkey solution for others. When I was at my worst I put a lot of my negativity onto this site. I was looking for hope but couldn’t see it through the filter of Propecia induced depression/anxiety. I decided to stop back by and post my most recent blood work to illustrate that this is possible and for the skeptics, the blood work may not prove anything but when you feel good and the blood work matches… Well, what can you say? Good luck to you all. It is possible to escape this.


Is TRT working for you? Do you feel better with it? How long have you’ve been on TRT?


weren’t u on JQD protocol last time i checked on solve?


Congrats man, completely contribute this to the test? How long you been on? Any pre injection levels ? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there @mcibofh

It’s great to see you back with your update. So pleased that the protocol is working for you long term and that you are living your life.

Like others here I also have a few questions.

Are you still on the peptide protocol? As you may remember my face took a hit as a result of the drug and I was inspired when you said that you believed the peptides played a role in your own face improving. As a result of your own testimony and that of others who have claimed improvements to their skin on peptides (If I remember correctly your face filled out again) I have been taking a once at night shot of ipamorelin/mod-grf - I appreciate that you were taking a different combo. I’ve only been taking them for just over a month and haven’t noticed any difference - possibly less fat around my midsection although that might be wishful thinking - although I plan on taking for 6 months to give it any kind of shot. I see that you no longer list this in your updated protocol.

Are you taking the testosterone under a doctor’s supervision/prescription?

Are you still in touch with JustQuitDut?

Like yourself, since first becoming a member here I’ve also climbed into my forties. I think that we all want to reach that point where we can lead our lives as fully as we can, and find a regimen that works for us. Wishing you all the very best. As anyone who has read your posts here you probably couldn’t find a better transformation than your own.


Are you still on the peptide protocol? I am not using the peptides any more but I do take an hgh sublingual spray that I get from my doctor.

Are you taking the testosterone under a doctor’s supervision/prescription? Yes, and I get tested a couple times per year. I feel like this last test was my best because I felt great and still do. The higher doses I was using in the past always came with unpleasant side effects. On this current amount, I feel no side effects.

I think there are a couple spots on my face that are a little thinner than they were before this disaster but overall I feel very fortunate to be where I am at now both physically and emotionally.

Are you still in touch with JustQuitDut? Yes, In fact, he recently got married and had a baby girl.

How long you been on? About three years now. I posted pre-levels somewhere on the old forum. Before jumping on TRT I was ~200 give or take a few points in either direction. I cant recall if they tested Bio available at the time. I also took some of my labs outside of my medical coverage back then because doctors were not willing to test that often using insurance.

Weren’t u on JQD protocol last time I checked on solve? Yes, but both of us have evolved looking for what works for each of us as an individual. Last I checked JQD was only on HCG. Probably because he was working on getting his wife pregnant. I am past that stage of life so I just stick to the needle.

Is TRT working for you? Yes

Do you feel better with it? This is a tricky question. I do feel better with it but you really have to dial in the dosing. What makes that really difficult is you cannot just copy what someone else did and get the same results. 50mg every 3-4 days might be too little or too much for you but for me, that seems to be working the best.

This test was taken before I jumped on TRT: October 2014.


To provide some perspective the following test was done after being on TRT for almost a year but at rather high doses. 200Mg every 7 days. I felt better than when I was very low but I still felt like shit overall. Its taken me a lot of experimentation to find my personal sweet spot.


im happy u got recovered with trt but many dont respond to testosterone here
and u probably got hypogodanism from pfs so with trt u resolved it
idk the authencity of either you or JQD honestly
he says he responds to TRT only with thyroid hormones as i read on his log…
if i remeber corectly u have followed his protocol and used hydrocortisone and thyroid hormones too
i also remember that he was already on TRT before he developed pfs and that he didnt respond to his trt afterwards,and only with thyroid hormones he made himself respond to TRT again if im correct?

if TRT was the answer we were all gona be healed by now thats my point

sry for doubting u and JQD its just healthy scepticism :DD


Do not get me wrong here. I think finasteride causes brain damage. The hormonal issues run downstream from there and this is why no one seems to have found a protocol that works for everyone. I said this before and got booed off the stage, but last time I checked the Italian studies seem to back up this line of thinking. I was able to get improvements because I clearly ended up with hormonal issue from this situation. If you get blood work done and it looks good then you have nothing to do. This is why people argue often on this site because the damage is similar but has wide ranges of severity. I think this is why people tend to report improvements from fasting. Fasting causes neurogenesis and thus symptom relief. In the end, some people that get a brain injury improve and have normal lives and others do not. Some of this is luck.

Last I checked JQD still stands by the thyroid replacement. I tried it for quite a while and I have concluded that it really doesn’t help me. That doesn’t mean that I think he is lying. I think it works for him and it was worth me giving it a try to see how it would affect me. This is the approach we should all be taking until science can give us a clearer answer. As far as JQD is concerned he was on fin for years with much of the symptoms we have all come to know. He just didn’t get a clue until he took DUT and that gave him a clear negative response. I made fun of all the shit he was on but in hindsight, he had truly deployed many PFS workarounds without knowing what he had. Somewhat of a tragic story once I came to know the real context.


I’m looking into trt myself
My testosterone level came back in at 10
Doctors say anything between 10 & 29 is normal
Keeping in mind that i do everything possible to encourage testosterone levels to be as high as possible i.e
HIT weight training
full spectrum amino acids
High protein diet
Zinc supplements
Omega 3 & 6 supplements
High doses of B vitamins
high quality multi vitamin and mineral supplements daily
Daily protein shakes
Creatine and Lglutamine

Blood test was early morning around 9.00 am
If I didn’t do everything to increase testosterone i would imagine my level would drop to 7 or even lower.
Urologist looked at results and suspects hypogandonism.
I also have a history of years of steroid and finasteride use.
I would definitely agree testosterone levels are key in our situation seeing a good urologist is very important and should be the first step to recovery.