Maybe we need DHT chronic supply (Mesterolone)


Maybe supply as treatment like Mesterolone. Treats hypogonadism, hypersensitivity to estrogen receptors and the same for hyposensitivity to DHT receptors, reverse hypogonadism and restores the dht / estrogen axis. This is pointed out by the Proviron prospect medicine that has not been manufactured for many years (official version).In some pharmacies may have a little stock.

This cures and reverses the symptoms of finasteride because it is the reverse medication.

Proviron is a anti-finasteride.but maybe it’s only effective for lifetime.

I offer myself as a voluntary but I do not know where to buy it.

Only one condition: the price is accept a possible total baldness in very short time.


Proviron from bayer is discontinued?


The pharmacists told me it


R andro then andractim and now proviron, great we are fucked


Andractim and Proviron discontinued? Really?
In Vatican Pharmacy are still available.
Unfortunately they send only in Italy.


Let’s take advantage of the situation, some doctors have the opportunity to create this doctorate and in return they treat us free of charge and with follow-up. I can feel how my problem is the hypersensitivity of female receptors and the numbness of the male receptors, I´m sure that Mesterolone for meddlie-long time will reverse any rare symptoms caused by propecia, and maybe stabilize all the hormonal axis and of receptors.


I took proviron for 3 months on top of TRT. It just raises your androgens, no magic pill. You could also just use creatine. Exact same effect.


If someone’s AR are upregulated = very sensitive too androgens (often shut down), why should bombarding with androgens solve the problem?

As the already upregulated AR were shut down by increasing dht levels. Good luck anyway finding a solution for you.


This is the snake that bites his tail, the receptors need to be regulated for process these hormones better.

Obviously this is for a quick recovery, you can feed yourself better and do sports, but it can take years to be 99%


No one here will recover “quick” with proviron. It doesnt work, period.


Someone tried 1 year? Someone tried Proviron+clomid+Hcg? We must experience all the possibilities.


Someone tried dexa! for one year and recovered.
It is the antiandrogenic way with snapbacks of androgen levels. As with prog cycling.

AR must get used to androgens again, step by step. And if AR work again, even partially, the whole cascade is running again.

The AR in the brain are crucial!


Ok we just have to wait for someone to fund the creation of an AR stimulator, this can be created. Creatine stimulates 5AR and accelerates alopecia, are we close?


The thing is, even properly running 5ar won’t help you. AR cannot handle androgens. So, 5ar is out of order. It makes absolutely sense.

It is not about absolute levels of androgens, it is about change! of androgen levels. Changing crucial things forces body and biology to adapt.

That’s why AR were upregulated by genetics when we had no dht - cause dht is crucial for men and M. knew it!

We need to down regulate them. Only way: get down androgens to a super low level. Then the AR are no more attacked by androgens. And due to lack of androgens AR will reopen.

But it takes time.


If you want to experience cycle prog, ella, dexa, ru486, hcg with ana.

Or deprive your body for a longer period of testo and dht with prog. NoONE did that. Only cycling.

So, @finashit, if you have nothing to loose, try progr for several months, test regurarely your androgen levels while on it and withdraw prog carefully (several months).


In this forum there are many people who had a crash on less than 3 months on finasteride, and I also know people who are in finasteride for 5-10 years and they are OK. Propeciahelp is the biggest (or only) Internet site with people with PFS, instead there are many more people in other forums who said not having problems.This data is essential, simply science is not studying this with the needed money or appropriate people.

Have you tried the dexa that you said?


I am talking about ppl who tried several protocols and why. Best


So, taking propecia again after your crash should work in theory? You down-regulate the androgen receptor sensivity again with the same drug.


That guy is banned so you won’t get an answer from him.

Taking propecia again has a long history of making people’s symptoms worse here. Sometimes significantly so. Don’t do it.


If it wasn’t so damn bimodal then maybe it would have a chance? It just seems even a tiny dose either “works” and wipes out a ton of DHT or doesn’t work at all, there isn’t much in between. I’ve thought for a while now that lowering DHT maybe 10-20% then slowly increasing it would be a good idea to try, but how to do that reliably? No idea. And obviously it’s just an idea from a random guy with very little medical knowledge