Maybe I have figured something out?

Ever since I was maybe 10 years old, I had a rash on my thighs, buttocks, and inner arms, sometimes even below the belly button. It was discgusting and itchy, like ring worm it looked like. I basically accepted it as normal as It never went away my whole entire life. It would flare up like crazy after playing exercising/sweating, or even taking a shower. I never washed my body with soap my entire life because if I did my skin would react like crazy, on the thighs etc…

As you all know I never took fin/accutane/propecia/ssri. However during summer of 2016 I lost my libido completely, numb genitals, high and tight scrotum, dry eyes, strange body odor, stress incontinence, and all low t symptoms. I now noticed that the rash I have had my whole life that was IMPOSSIBLE to get rid off (12+ years of having it) Ever since these symptoms started the rash is COMPLETELY GONE!!! I told you guys that I went on a crash diet, and ate a shit ton of vegetables. I also mentioned I have not gotten sick in the last 3 years when before I would get the common cold 2-3 times a year.

Im wondering if the “healthy diet” ( I did not eat packaged food for 6 months) if it did something to my immune system? As if my immune system is in overdrive? Maybe it got rid of some bacteria in the gut that it wasn’t supposed to?

I was eating soooo much vegetables my mom told me my skin went yellow… I even got horrible gas and body odor as if it changed something in my body COMPLETELY!! I remember being so happy when this stuff started because I thought I was not getting pimples on the face or greasy skin, because of the diet, but this is just hell now…

Please give your thoughts!?!

It really frustrates me going on this website, because I am looking for a cure. I am telling you all I have a lot of your symptoms and have yet to come to a diagnosis. So I came across PFS. There must be a reason why not all men who take finasteride get these symtpoms… The drug clearly does something to certain people. For instance if you are deficient in some kind of vitamin and you are taking finasteride you get pfs… or something like this?!?

Have you ever taken an antifungal for this? They’ve been known to disrupt the endocrine system.

Otherwise, a lot of us here have stated that we no longer have allergy issues or colds, which is kind of similar to your story. If you really wanted, you could test yourself for common autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s.

If you’ve truly never taken an endocrine disrupting drug, I’m going to say you may be one of the few here who could possibly benefit from TRT. @axolotl @Greek I would appreciate your input here.

Your bloodwork shows low available test and low E2. In normal circumstances, this is enough to make a man feel hypogonadic. In people who have taken the drugs found on this forum, TRT doesn’t usually lead to improvement in symptoms. It often makes it worse or no change. Few improve with TRT on here. In your case, however, I believe your diet brought forth a hypogonadic state with low available testosterone and low E2.

My advice isn’t medical fact, and you should take it with many grains of salt. I may be wrong and this may not cure/treat you. You should wait for other members to comment on here especially @axolotl because he is incredibly knowledgable on the subject. But I felt like I needed to give my perspective of your situation.

The anti fungal I took since i was about 10 was in a yellow and white tube and package… I am googling it and the brand is FOUGERA… I cant recall the exact name but I want to say it was called Hydrocortisone cream or something like that, but I can see the ketoconazole comes in the same package by fougera…

I had my mom call the pharmacy back in Canada but they do not have any of them on record!?!??

My genitals are actually numb like rubber… 0 Sensitivity down there. 0 libido. I feel dry in my eyes, penis feels empty and fill with are , and cold wet feeling at tip, and right testicle… I dont know how a sex therapist would help!?!
My doctor basically gave up on me and said to go privately to a uroligist again or take his recommendation on seeing a sex therapist. He also said to maybe visit a Immunologist?

you’ve only ever taken that antifungal? The days leading up to your crash, do you recall any rashes that might have led you to take this antifungal cream or a different one? This may have been the cause of your endocrine disruption. Key word here, though, is may.

It is all I have taken, I maybe took it 3 or 4 times in my life though, it was only meant to last 1 week the tube. I used it once maybe at 11 years old and it didnt help so I gave up on it. Then I got more the next year, again etc…

I remember being on preseason training and eating eggs, gave me hives like crazy, its like my body just CHANGED?!

Your case is pretty complicated given that you’ve taken antifungals but also had an intense diet where you lost a ton of weight. Why don’t you wait until you get the advice of other guys. Otherwise, you could move forward with the immunology testing your doctor recommended if you have the money/insurance (Can’t believe we have to worry about having enough money to see a doctor in America…)

This is all one big JOKE. Thats all I have to say. You guys can call me messed up but I would rather have cancer or get my leg amputed. Absolutely ridiculous…

22 years old, out of the blue complete loss of libido, numb genitals, leaking urine like a dripping faucet, cold genitals, right testicle and groin ache. 0 morning/spontaneous erections in 3 years now, penis feels empty…

I have tried other forums, others tell me my e2 is low, others say you have proven low dht. I do not fucking no anymore. If they say my problem is low dht and I got to doctor he looks at me like im some kind of fucking maniac. Like I have nothing better to do then make up some serious issues like this. If I have low dht , should I not get fucking help?! Or do I have to go to some fucking steriod abuser for him to give me some hormones so I feel normal again!?? Fucking joke…

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No, you could go to an endocrinologist who is up to date on TRT. You can find these online with some research. You have to remember that in your case, TRT still may not be the cure and the doctor may choose to treat you simply because it wouldn’t be illegal to treat you and you would provide him with business.

We all feel the same way you do. Your case is just kind of complicated given your history.

well my armpits smell like shit no matter how hard I wash them… I have elevated liver enzymes, and bilirubin? This stupid motherfucker named “doctor” does not seem to care??? It has happened on all of my blood tests?

Why is Dhea-s, ggt, alt, billirubin, albumin, creatine, all elevated! These all have something to do with the Liver/Kidney… I read body odor can be a sign of kidney/liver issues… So I am at a complete loss now…

forget to add that uric acid is also up… (again with the kidney)

Could be part of the disease could be nothing. Those liver enzymes and creatinine can raise with exercise and fatty meals. If they aren’t sky high and you’re not presenting with other signs and symptoms of liver disease, there may not be anything a doctor could do. On the other hand, maybe it’s part of our disease. Who knows man. We all feel the same way and it sucks.

My suggestion to you is to distract yourself as often and as much as possible. Talk to a therapist about this. Learn to accept and deal with this in a healthy way. If you choose to treat this, go ahead, but be aware of risks. You can choose to seek other MDs advice if you like. But going from forum to forum isn’t going to yield much for you besides further stress. You’re always welcome to be here, but I suggest you use this sparingly if it causes you to be stressed.

We’re all gonna make it @joey10 . Ask for stronger shoulders to handle this burden until we can find a good treatment for ourselves :slight_smile:

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although I admire your positivity, I just cannot accept your way of looking at this. I truly believe I was heading straight to the top (in whatever I wanted in life) and was a true good and humble person.

We act as a society that we are such smart people when in reality we are dumbasses that cannot figure out what a set of symptoms is!!! Take all of us who are complaining of the symptoms and send us to a fucking Labratory and examine our bodies, our blood results etc…

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I’ve accepted this is the way I am today to give me peace. But I am not done fighting to find out what is wrong with us. We’re all trying to figure this out, it’s difficult and the science behind it is complex and tainted by shady company’s hiding the truth.


I have a rash around my groin area that I have had for a very long time now.

It has gone away but came back in the same place.

See the image below.

The weird thing about the rash I have is when it fades I feel better and when it becomes more visible I feel worse.

when I was normal, the rash was always present, I pretty much accepted the fact that I would never get rid of it? Now? Its completly gone now that I have these symptoms? Maybe it has something to do with histamine?

I see alot of people are complaining of watery ejaculate…

I have low volume and force, 0 pleasure in ejaculation but my semen/sperm is thick and white? Its like the liquid is gone/dried out?

What could this mean?

I have this too, sometimes it’s almost solid, unfortunately it’s a sign of low virility/low androgens.

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well I have tt in the upper 650’s, however dht is below range 176 (350-850) low e2 as well.

I think I have something wrong my kidney or liver… I STINK! I have horrible odor coming from my armpit even after I shower/wash them… I have pain in my back right flank. (I think this is th ekidney area but can be liver too i think)

Liver enzymes are always elevated (ggt+alt, billirubin, creatin, this all points to the liver/kidney dysfunction) I get out of breath doing simple tasks like walking up stairs , lifting a chair, this is unusual for a then 21 year old FIT male…