Masturbation question

So when it comes to masterbation, is it easy for your to get erections? I ask because when it come to porn I really have no issues doing that, but my penis still feel off

Just now I was able to get erect just fine though my ejaculatory force is still diminished.

No, it’s not easy for me. Moreover, sometimes I feel quite strong repulsion. My main issue is losing the ability to feel genuine desire and arousal.

Almost 30 days off dutasteride was able to have two intense orgasms today and erection was very hard feel more connected with my penis meaning I can do kegels and my penis moves now as of before that didn’t happen. Had anyone had moments of doing good then not then good then not because when I was off dutasteride the 1st week after two days I was able to get multiple erections then it just stopped and penis almost look like it shrank and turtled in. Lmk your experience please. If recovered soon or not I will never leave you guys behind and will donate monthly because this is a legit scary issue that ruins lives and men should not suffer all because they wanna save their hair. I now understand men need dht as men and we are dumb and should’ve thought about this before we did anything but hey they said it was safe right they said once you’re off you’re good