Masturbation??? Or no

Hello guys I was on dut for 2.5 years I can still get boners from porn but not as strong as I used to. Thinking about not masturbating and see if that helps. Soon to be 30 days off dut next Wednesday or Thursday. Energy feels great no brain fog just problems with erection and semen quality’s please let me know your experiences

Search the forum, there are lots of experiences and opinions on this, far more than you’ll get by creating a new topic.

Sorry I’m new to this forum

Sorry if that sounded harsh, I didn’t mean it to. I wasn’t trying to tell you off, I just wanted to help you get a better cross section of info.

Oh no you’re good

Please, share your experience. In my case I don’t see any libido accumulation at all.

Do you have what’s app?

You can write me in pm

Please write it here so others can see if you can.

It means that when the next person signs up, they can see what’s been said and contribute to the conversation, instead of starting a new topic.

Yes sir

I think more information or data gathered together is better and safer.

But do what you like.