Masteron Success

Hey Guys

New here and wasn’t going to join but I think i need to share in hopes someone can use this information to figure out this terrible illness.

Was on Propecia for 6 years before I crashed, I experienced Gyno, impotence, shrunken genitals and zero sex drive. It remains that way for 3 years, with a slight improvement with sex drive only. I have never seen a doctor out of shame (I know I should) I have tried doses of tamoxifen and letro over extended periods with no real improvement.

Have now been on Masteron for 4 weeks (its a derivative of DHT) and my life has changed. My genitals have returned to normal size, sex drive is through the roof and everything is great.

I am on 300mg week, I understand this is not a cure because eventually I will have to come of this, however it may point in the right direction in what needs to be done to fix us.

I over the next year will be self experimenting with HCG and HGH and even will be trying other things. I figure what more harm can I do.

I will let you know how things progress. But seriously masteron is the business.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve had some success with non-aromatizing AAS as well. You aren’t using testosterone in addition? 300 mg a week of Masteron is a suppressive dose, isn’t it?

The guys on the body building forums confirm Masteron is like a replacement DHT which will improve libido and erections but increases hair loss.

Might be worth a try. Does sound promising

Any update on this?

Is this for real?

It has been only few days. wait until 6 months.

Dude pleas tell us how are you doing with Masteron.Or let us know when you improve more.

Any update here?

This sounds promising. Anyone trying this? I would have but have committed myself to another regime for a while…

Come on guys, people who are healthy (body builders) seem more open about experimenting with stuff…why, should be the other way around…

update ?

I’ve injected a lot of Masteron without any success.

Masteron is a designer steroid that works like DHT, I had considered it, but I do believe it will only make our situations worse. The key is trying to get our body’s to recover, to heal, and we will heal and recover, but I am not sure DHT or similar DHT like stuff is a good idea. Plus, I have read a couple people here say they tried Masteron with no success, my theories are that this condition is damage to the body’s ability to produce 5 AR enzymes, each enzyme has a purpose and function. The enzymes reduce testosterone to DHT, but in the process they have functions, when you remove those enzymes and just pump DHT into the body, with this condition it won’t do much. It may for a while, and it may help some here, but then what happens when we stop? Our body then has more to recover from, and you guys all know I am a proponent of hormones, I am on a bunch! We are trying to get our own DHT production to work normally, I also feel that this will cause guys here to lose what hair they have left. When the treatment eventually fails, you will end up even more depressed when you are completely bald (if you aren’t already).
There is also Winstral which is a synthetic DHT, believe me, I am interested in trying those things, but we know too little about what they will do in a compromised system such as ours. The key to managing this condition is very low doses of testosterone and HCG (if your testosterone is low). Otherwise everyone please try the raw Asparagus protocol, I know it seems ridiculous, but it is an inducer of 5AR enzymes and has helped several here so far.
I just had hair transplants and still have a full head of hair, making all of my hair fallout in a botched attempt is a bad idea. We have to try to get our body to process testosterone properly, I believe low doses may induce our bodies to recover. I actually was almost recovered and then had the bright idea of taking a small dose of propecia as I was starting to lose a lot of hair, well, here I am back on the forum again. I didm;t think I would ever be back, so be careful.

What are you guys talking about? Look someone else recovered with masteron, it seems all about the dose and ratio, I was also against it before. We have to explore what’s going on here.

Seems like you contradicted yourself?

Who are you talking to?

You realize this thread hasn’t been active for over 5 years, along with most of the members who posted in this thread being inactive for years?

Justquitdut seems to speak against masteron then say it could work. But i dont know man, i’m 22 and i feel like i aged years in months. I’m just a desparate soul trying to look at any thread that talks about proviron and masteron to see if any can help me feel like myself again.

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He is not contradicting, he says it would work but, will not solve the root problem he thinks that our bodies ability to convert testosterone cortisol and androstenedione to 5a-reductased forms are impaired, this might explain lot of issues with neurosteriods and eye problems like hypotony, floaters plus estrogenic dominance.
Unfortunately there are no scientific consensus about this, at least not that i know of.