Marriage and having a family


Hei guys,
Do you think that there is any chance for people who developed Spf and in particular who developed de to marry and having a family?
Some of you succeded in it?
Thank you!



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Can you tell us your experience if you want?
Thank you!


That is my worry these days.
I can’t get a enough erections and orgasms and
feel very foggy and fatigue all the time. lots of symptoms. and shave all of my hair and get a
scalp tattoo.
In korea, shaved hair regard as rebellious people or sick people(like cancer people).
anyway, I’m 26 years old and i think i’m young.
But I have many problems because of PFS…
Frankly I have a little confidence in meeting girl.
Because of above reasons…
But I have to get my life with this conditions until we know about PFS.
Now I’m losing weight(94kg 》90kg) and go to the gym and weight lifting 4 to 5 times a week.
My goal is losing weight(until 80kg) and get a good body shape.
This is the best action I can take in this time.


You are still very young and your body will heal itself eventually. I believe you will get over this by eating clean and exercise.


are you kidding ? i just laugh about this comment


So do I smh


I agree that you are taking the best course of action by making the most out of a bad situation, rather than obsessing about recovering.

Exercise if it doesn’t make you feel worse, start improving your diet, persue a career to the best of your ability despite being dampened by PFS symptoms and take as good of care of yourself as you can.

If you want to date and you are able to get by with taking Viagra or Cialis when you need to, then do it. You probably already know that there are guys with PFS who have gotten married and/or had healthy children.

Life might not be what you hoped for, but if you aren’t severely affected you can probably live in a way that resembles normalcy if you don’t let this condition get the best of you.

Hate to say this, but if you put %100 of your effort and faith into recovering by way of one of the proported “recovery protocols” you will most likely be sadly disappointed or worse.


Thank you.
I read a lot of recovery protocols like using TRT, eating amino acids, eating asparagus and so on.
But i don’t believe these protocols. Because I saw a people who died for bad protocols.
I’m just waiting for conclusion about ongoing study. I know it takes long time and is hard things. But i really want to know about our disease’s reason.
so just waiting for study and cooperating with is the best thing! or donate to pfs foundation?

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You’re welcome.

Completing the symptoms survey and/or submitting 23andMe data would be very helpful if you haven’t already.

Donating to the foundation is a call you must make for yourself. I believe the donations currently being collected are going toward a gut microbiota study of PFS patients.

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