Marijuana, smoking or edibles. Anyone have experience using it for PFS symptoms?


There is so much information and many testimonials out there about the healing powers of Marijuana, edbiles and Oil. An obvious success story is about Charlotte that little girl featured on CNN’s doctor Gupta special on weed. Charlotte was cured of having hundreds of seizures per day by taking a few drops of CBD oil daily. So definitely proven positive neurological improvements from using it. Wonder if it could help us.


I’ve had pfs for about 7 years and during much of that time I was a daily weed smoker. It really doesn’t help anything in my opinion. Sometimes when I consumed a lot I feel like I got some sensitivity increase but it was short lasting. Can definitely help with taking your mind off of things though. I’ve also tried vaping cbd oil and didn’t notice any effects either.


I second what Lostinaustin is saying. If you’re a paranoid person give it a miss.


Weed has helped me a ton throughout PFS. When I’m high, I have somewhat of a libido and definitely better erections. Additionally, being high is a break from the depressive mood PFS carries. If I smoke too much or too often, I get complacent and dumb. But that would happen to me before PFS, too.

I usually vape my weed so my lungs aren’t getting worked by harsh smoke and I can control the dose a little better this way, too.


When im high, i too have better libido and satisfaciton. Don’t know about my erections. They were always ok. I obsessed with them after reading this forum, and i never get rock hard erections this week. I don’t know if Accutane declined my erections over time, for 4 years. Im not really sure. If it had damaged my erections too, i should have noticed it 4 years ago right? I took some supplements and they made me worse actually, maybe thats why im a little worse now. Can i recover from the androgenic supplement side effects?