Marijuana experiences post fin..?

Hi guys, another question here. What are your guys experience with weed post finasteride? I used to be a big weed guy and to be honest I quite miss it. Does it aggravate symptoms, is it potentially dangerous? Is the high any different than pre finasteride? Do you feel any euphoria or endorphins when lighting it up? thanks!

its dangerous, it might make ur depersonalization worse, that’s my exp, also i remember in my early days there were people who crashed after smoking weed, try Kratom if is legal in ur country, it is addictive but if u use it every once in a while it is cool and fun


Thanks. What about alcohol?

i never really tried heavy drinking after my crash cause after PFS my digestion went downhill so i didn’t want to make it worse.

I am fond of kava because it does not seem to cause impairments like alcohol, kratom, or marijuana.

You not good with alcohol?

That’s not what I meant. I use alcohol as a solvent to make my herbal extracts, so I’m good with it. Just a milliliter of drops is all I need to impart flavor, so I’m not consuming enough to get intoxicated. Even when I have, it did not make my symptoms better or worse. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

So what are your go to’s for getting a buzz?

Damiana, usually liquid form or brewed into a tea. Rarely but sometimes smoked.

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What do you prefer, bud or alcohol?

Bud and kratom can result in failed drug tests; kava, alcohol, and damiana are not screened on drug tests. Well, at least where I live. It might be different elsewhere.

Alcohol buzz reactions are predictable whereas THC is unpredictable. I don’t have experience with the street bud due to trust and legal reasons. The legal ones have THC below a certain limit, but you can still get buzzed if enough is consumed. Regulations might vary by region. It’s difficult to say which I prefer though, sorry - pros and cons - depends what I’m in the mood for, I guess.

None of these aforementioned things make my symptoms any worse or any better. I get a temporary positive buzz response, but no lasting changes, good or bad.