March updates from PFS Network: €13,700 raised in March, €83,700 raised in 2024

We’re thrilled to share that we had another strong month of fundraising in March.

Thanks to a €10,000 grant from a family member, we’re edging towards halfway on our 2024 fundraising target with 8 months remaining.

In January we announced our 2024 fundraising campaign with a target of €200,000 and a focus on getting more family members & loved ones to donate.

Learn more about the campaign here.

In March we secured an additional €13,700 in funding, bringing our total funds raised to €83,700. This means we’ve fulfilled 42% of our target with 8 months remaining in the year.

This month’s efforts would not be possible without family & friends. We are extremely thankful to a new supporter, the family member of a patient, who personally contributed €10,000.

The ratio of donations from family & loved ones decreased in March. However, this family contribution demonstrates that by getting more loved ones involved in fundraising efforts, we can reach our goals much faster.

13% of donations received in March came from loved ones, down from 25% in February, but up from less than 5% in 2023.

The average amount contributed by loved ones was €2125, 22 times larger than the average amount contributed by patients.

So far this year, 55% of our total funds raised came from loved ones. A further 35% came from a grant and the remaining 10% came from patients.

To find out what we can do with more family support, and why it’s so important they get involved, check out our latest fundraising campaign.


Study updates are brief this month.

In our genetics study, all patients who required a new sample have now been shipped a replacement kit. Once these kits are received it will take the total number of samples collected over 85%.

We also invited the 12 patients who participated in our Kiel study to submit a sample. We have shipped 10 kits already, taking our total study sample up to 160 patients.

If you have received a kit and still not completed it, please do so immediately or get in touch if you are experiencing issues.

If you would like to participate in this study, we’re still accepting applications.

In our epigenetics study, we are pleased to report that all cell culturing for patients and controls is now complete. Our PhD student has begun working on the study’s first experiments and progress remains steady.

With gratitude,

PFS Network team