Man hospitalised with 'three-day erection' after taking bull stimulant

Maybe we should try this? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am seriously considering taking this supplement and using 1/8 of it to see what happens. I’m not kidding lol.

Unfortunately there is no information on what this supplement is.

Would not be surprised if it doesnt works…

Nobody wanting to regain reliable sexual function in the future should be seriously seeking this type of stimulation.

Oxygen-deprived blood pooling for too long = necrolysis and the potential for an amputated penis.

A friend of mine went through dealing with a ~ 16 hour priapism from trazodone a couple weeks ago. It finally went down as they were preparing him for blood-letting surgery.

Said I wouldn’t believe what happened to him but he had a 1/10,000 side effect from a drug he took… Must have forgotten who he was talking to.

This obviously isn’t a very good idea, but I wish we knew what it was and if it would, at lower doses give a normal erection that doesn’t last as long.

It seems to be a crapshoot. AFAIK, how drugs like this cause erections isn’t understood and it is still an uncommon side effect in certain individuals, rather than something to be expected.

To add to my friend’s experience, he said he was a week into treatment before the priapism began, so the effect didn’t necessarily occur in a reliable period.

Why would someone play around trying to achieve an unreliable and unpredictable erection when drugs like PDE5i’s are available and have been tested for “relative” safety and correct dosages with a predictable effect?

Just from personal experience, I tried to stay away from stimulants when sex was in the near future after noticing how too much caffeine and ADD stimulant meds used to combat fatigue made me jittery, less horny, and even more incapable of functioning when it was time.

pde5i’s don’t work for some of us, they don’t work for me (they do have some effect, just not enough for sex).


If cialis works for me, I wouldn’t be here.

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