Male Hormone Tests. Help needed


My latest results

Albumin 46 GL (35-50)
SHBG 33nmol (18-54)

FSH 3.5 IU/L (1.5-12.5)
LH 1.72 IU/L (1.7-8.6)
Oestradiol 75.6 pmol/L (41-159)
Test 6.89nmol/L (8.6-29)
Free Testosterone 0.128 nmol/L (0.2-0.62)
Free Androgen Index 21.3 (24-104)
Prolactin 151 mu/L (86-324)

DHEA Sulphate 11 umol/L (1.2-9.0)

Estrogen - My voice tends to be lower in the morning and I get this and depression around 10.30-11am. Breakfast is between 8-9am. Are there any safe ways of reducing estrogen? DIM lowers DHT. I was also thinking of Clomid.

Albumin might indicate high inflammation in the body? Any thoughts on reducing the inflammation?

Vitamin D and ACV might help. It seems that lots of DHT inhibitors are good for reducing inflammation. I’m already eating a healthy diet and reducing stress.

My DHEA is high are there any safe ways to bring this down?


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