Maintenance of optimised hair growth from viable terminal scalp hair follicles at baseline with oral finasteride in male pattern hair loss and first evidence of a "drug dependency" and a post-finasteride "rebound effect"


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So I have another couple months until my 1 year of quiting. Then hopefully my hair will start falling out. I think it has started to slow fall out recently. Hard to tell

Anyone have the full article?

I’m an epidemiologist so I can probably get you a copy of the paper once it is actually in print. It’s only been e-published right now and my library network doesn’t have it posted yet.

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Scihub works for this one.

Are you are having PFS too?

Yes, I’ve had PFS for nearly 4 years now.

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Hi dj91,
Which symptoms do you suffer from?

I’ve had zero libido that whole time. Poor erectile function. Also some sleep problems.

Gyno as well, though that has stopped getting worse.

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