Magnesium, Omega 3, Vitamin D and metil-B complex

I was chatting with a guy who studies functional medicine, i told him about my pfs and he soon, surprisingly answered that i should try a paleo/ket diet + intermittent fasting, which is almost what i’m already doing with some good results, as you may already know.
He also suggested to take magnesium, vit d, omega 3 and metil-b complex to speed up the healing process, and this is why (i try to report from our conversation in italian):

"Magnesium because it is involved in so many metabolic reactions, so it would help most of the reactions that probably don’t happen to you as they should happen.

Vitamin D is a powerful modulator of the immune system, it helps the immune system to ‘fight’ and influence genetics!

Vitamins B, like magnesium, are involved in many processes, and due to the symptoms described (also related to nails, hair, asthenia) could give a big hand. In methylated form because those who tell me that, given an unfavorable starting genetics (not everyone will have pfs), who tells me that you also do not have mthfr mutation?

For omega 3 there are many studies for modulating cholesterol, blood pressure and healthy brain function.
In your case they would seem great to me.

Have you ever done the homocysteine test?"

That’s all.
I’d like to know about your experience with the aforementioned supplements.

You are on the French private PFS group you aren’t you? You have posted the same message :).

nope, i deny. it’s a friend of mine

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WARNING! A guy from SolvePFS, with nickname Konflict, got severe worsening from Metil B vitamins and Vit K2. He got hypermobile joints, joint pain and cracking all over his body! Be careful with those crappy vitamins!