Magnesium & Glycine for sleep?

Hi guys,

I’m curious as to if any of you guys have tried magnesium and glycine before sleep and any opinions on it? I am throwing the kitchen sink at my sleep issues (much difficulty falling asleep and very poor sleep once i’m asleep) before resorting to addictive sleeping pills. Has anyone here tried magnesium powder dissolved in some lemon water with glycine? Anything else you guys have tried thats short of trazodone, benzos, etc?

Hi, currently I am experiencing some sucess with my sleep issues by taking magnesium glycinate, glycine, CBD oil, L-Theanine, and L-Tryptophan before bed.

I have tried Xanax for sleep just after I first crashed and it worked but still not that well and just made me feel weird the next day, and I didn’t like the idea of taking pharmaceuticals for sleep.

If you have no luck with the first supplements you can also try valerian root (feels like Valium) and/or also vaping a strong indica weed, as I also had success with both of these as well but I am not using them everyday because they are a bit stronger than the first protocol.

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What’s better about your sleep? Just the ability to fall asleep easier or do you feel more refreshed and able to get out of bed in the morning?

With what I am currently doing, sleep quality, duration, and ability to fall asleep has improved.

Xanax helped me fall asleep quick and improved sleep quality but didn’t seem to help duration all that much.

Melatonin helped me fall asleep quicker but sleep quality and duration was still poor.

Valerian root improves all three.

Weed helps me fall asleep, improves duration but seems it may actually hinder sleep quality just a bit.

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I’ve had a lot of success with magnesium glycinate. Also, another thing that helped me get better sleep was eating a starchy carbohydrate before bed (almost always a potato). I know it sound ridiculous, but there has been studies done that show that some people benefit from having a sustainable source of energy throughout the night.

If I’m desperately trying to fall asleep, however, I usually take 1 or 2 benadryls. I try to avoid this at all costs though because it almost always results in very poor sleep, and I’ve read studies suggesting that the use of anticholinergic drugs (which bendaryl is) isn’t so great for your brain in general.

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I’m currently taking magnesium Citrate, about an 1/8th tablespoon. Do you think I should switch to magnesium Glycinate? I’ve also read that magnesium needs to be balanced with Calcium. At what dosage do I need to be worried about that?

You’re not the only one to say that here.

If anyone wants to try this, please log your sleep quality for a week without some carbohydrates before bed and then try with some carbohydrates before bed for a week and post the results. If enough people did this we’d know if this was generally helpful or not.

If it is, then we could all do it and then all perhaps work out how to build on that.

Just a suggestion.

I tried that already and it works for me.

In my case, a small snack right before going to sleep prevents me from waking up after 3 hours and turning and tossing, half awake half dreaming the rest of the night.

However, after experimenting for nearly a month with this, I found in my case there can be no carbs in that snack. So I’m taking 2-3 slices of cheese (Cheddar or Gouda) right before sleep and it does the trick.

After doing that, I had 4 nights in a row with 9/10 sleep and I have been able to reduce the sleeping drugs at the same time.

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That’s interesting @ozeph, I was thinking of you when I posted.

I might try some cheese before bed tonight.

Good idea, cheese contains tryptophan, which help for sleep, as well.

About Magnesium, I take 1 gr. of magnesium chloride a day, which contains around 550 mg of elemental magnesium, but I take it before 6pm so my body can get rid of the excess.

When I took too much magnesium before sleep, I had a night feeling like an acid trip. I now take no more than 25 mg if it’s before sleep.

Glycine did nothing to me, or if anything, it disturbed my sleep.

Taking Inusitol (vitamin B8), 4 gr. before sleep along with 10 mg of slow release melatonin is part of my daily routine. That does help.

And for drugs, I take Clonazepam 4 mg and Hydroxyzine 10 mg, which I’m trying to slowly tapper off.

That works for me but may not for someone else.

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Infrared sauna or visiting a sensory deprivation tank may help, many cities in UK/US have these now. Look into getting a sleep study done if you haven’t already. They might find something you didn’t realise you had.

Opipramol in my case, helps with falling asleep, really safe

No… Magnesium Citrate is better. 600mg is what I was taking. Also… check out Luna sleep pills. Its a mix of herbs and melatonin. It really helped me in the begining but then my sleep was to bad and I need RX.

Sleep Deprivation or do you mean sensory deprivation. Oh… seriously… I think you need to start to learn to meditate ASAP. I know it sounds crazy but the brain is apowerful thing and I have this sillly idea that if a tibetian monk who had mastered meditation were in this situation with insomnia that he could probably meditate himself to sleep just by controlling his brain. Check out the Insight Timer App for iphone and android for meditation

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Did anyone have positive experiences with glycine and sleep maintenance?

Thanks @Shellnyce good points. I’ve been meditating but it would probably take a few years to get to the level of a Monk. I used to start drifting off when I meditated but I was a lot better then. Yes it’s sensory I’m going to try one out soon.

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I have been meditating consistently since my 2nd crash over a week ago and I still could sleep for only 2.5 to 3 hours at a time before becoming wide awake.

Hey Snake,

so you can vouch for opipramol beeing safe for pfs guys, not beeing antiandrogenic in any way and doesnt cause a crash?