Madrol dose pack safety

Need some advice here guys @Dubya_B @axolotl

Is madrol dose pack safe?

What about zyzol and Claritin?

I’ve had an allergic reaction to something and doctor recommends.

Bump. Guys please help out with this if possible

@Northern_Star @Greek

I don’t personally know the product you’re talking about.

Is it this?

Might be worth doing a search:

Yes that. I did search it on here but didn’t find anything to conclude

Just don’t want to be the first guy to find out

If it means anything, I couldn’t find a case of severe worsening after medrol/methylprednisolone and am not aware of this drug causing further harm to a post-drug patient.

Some talk of one of our members recovering sexual function after an IV of methylprednisolone, but he mentioned his sexual function began improving prior to his infusion.

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