Lowering Allopreganolone with GHK-Cu + Zinc

Hello guys,

I have PSSD and I suspect in my individual case Allopregnanolone is high, therefore I want to lower it. Before trying to reverse PSSD.

My idea was to use a 5ARI to lower conversion from progesterone to 5a DHP and consequently Allopregnanolone.

I came across GHK-Cu, copper ions are 5AR1 inhibitors. GHK-Cu passes the BBB so it should also work in the brain. The combo I wanted to run was GHK-Cu + Zinc, which should theoretically lower Allopregnanolone.

If you have any inputs or suggestions, if there is a better method, I would be thankful. The other thing I had in mind was using a GAMSA which directly antagonizes the PAM effect of Allopregnanolone on GABA but those aren’t really affordable. Fin/Dutasteride seem too dangerous.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to actually do bloodtests to check for your values. You could seriously harm yourself if your suspicions and assumptions prove to be incorrect.

Not sure where i can test for Allopreg.