Low Vitamin A for Isotretinoin Users

This post is specific to isotretinoin users, I heard about a low vitamin A diet helping with our problems, decided to give it a shot, and I’ve been slowly improving since about a week ago, with no other factors changed in my lifestyle. Does anyone on here have any experience with this diet? (I saw this on reddit r/AccutaneDamage). And does anyone know if there is any science behind it?

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What is a low A vit diet? It is almost in everything…

i taked only 6 pills 20mg/day. i dont think i taked high vit a. like only 6 days eat liver

What are your exact symptoms that you think improved? Can you give some details. Also what you eat generally?

Erections improved as well as libido. Penis sensitivity not improved yet, nor the numerous extra veins on my genitals. I typically eat everything I normally do except try and avoid carrots, eggs, peppers, dairy, tomatoes.

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eu também quero experimentar, você melhorou irmão ?

My improvements plateaued but a little over 3 weeks ago I started to improve even more, which was due to my new diet: the specific carb diet, as well as new supplements such as 3000mg daily taurine, 1 tsp magnesium chloride daily, 5000IU vit D, fish oil, … I recommend you try it. Be as obedient to the diet as you can be, and you should see improvements. Also, I had some mental sides clear up too… I would say I’m 50% recovered.

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Perfeito, eu agradeço e espero grandemente que tudo de certo, eu comecei a minha hoje e tomei Accutane por 1 ano.
Te peço por gentileza atualizar esse post sempre que for possível para sabermos como anda a evolução, te indico fazer Auto Hemoterapia também para aumentar o sistema imune.
Muito obrigado e aguardo as próximas mensagens

Hey man, please tell you ve had improvements?

How long and how bad is your pas?
And what effects did low vitamin a diet give you?

Im thinking that taking vit d and k along with the main meals of the day should help reduce vit a absorption.

I have been supplementing vit d for 3 months but it has not been the cure.