Low pregnenolone PAS

My Pregnenolone levels came back low. Could low Pregnenolone play a role in my mental sides? (Brain fog, emotional blunting, anxiety) Has anybody noticed any improvements supplementing with it?

Of course. Take Pregnenolone directly. Also you can take HCG and Progesterone. Order online or buy from pharmacy yourself.

@Ronnie99 almost healed with Preg and Prog. He dosed Preg too much had anxiety so he wanted to quit.
I hope its okay to share this private info bro.

The question you ask and the theory of PAS already explained here, you have to search yourself a little.

And now I take about 15mg a day, so ver low dose of just progesterone and i feel 30-35% better in most areas, including well being, everyone shoukd try for a week or two lowmdose 15mg and see how you react.