Low LH and FSH after HCG and TRT

Hi, just my story in short. I took Finasteride from 2004 to 2005. Never recovered from it. I can get him hard. But have no libido, histamine intolerance and lots of mental issues. Did not know pfs is a thing until 2018 ish. My testosterone was on a high level. My DHT as well. I dont know about LH and FSH. Never got tested for it before I started my “experiments”.

So, in 2020 I decided to follow the HCG protocol from Joekool for 13 weeks. Did not work for me. So I said fuck it and jumped on TRT for 6 or 7 months. Did not do anything either. So I quit in August and did a proper 4 weeks PCT with Clomid. İt’s been 4-5 months now since the pct but I still feel like shit. There was a fundamental shift. I was way better before HCG and TRT. I feel anxious all the time. My boners are not as hard as pre treatment anymore. 3 weeks ago I had a 10 days recovery of libido that made me think ok maybe I start to recover. But now it’s bad again.

So, to my question. My T levels are almost back to pre HCG levels.

This was before I took anything:

This was during HCG mid December 2020:

I have a test 6 weeks after PCT but no photo on my phone right now. But in the next picture you can see the values from the last test on the right side. As you see, pretty much the same as in October 2021.

And this is from today, 4-5 months after PCT. Is my LH and FSH not too low? What to do about? Do another PCT? Or maybe I have some pituary tumor or whatever, I did not got checked for it yet.

But how is it possible my T is on a good level while LH and FSH is so low? Should my T not be low as well with these LH and FSH levels?

Go to an endocrinologist.

I’ve noticed this on a few occasions in people’s blood.

I don’t know exactly why, but how much T you have is not only due to how much is produced (the inlet) but also on how it’s metabolized (the outlet).

If your outlet is impaired, you body’s not going to keep cranking the inlet on full speed.

My free available T was mid range.

To anyone else considering a hormonal treatment of any sort:

Please for your own good do not tinker any more with your hormones. Current hormone levels are extremely likely not the issue to begin with. People have tried hormonal treatments again and again for over a decade, to no avail. Not only do we not have a believable track record of these treatments being beneficial, they are also not without risk.

I understand trying these things is tempting when you’re ever in a bad spot and read a handful recovery stories that seem to illustrate the contrary, but we should be looking at the total picture, not blindly follow singular positive anecdotes, especially when there’s a sea of negative ones.

As is clearly demonstrated by OP, hormonal treatments potentially have harmful consequences. Take care of yourself and please don’t blindly believe every recovery story.

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While I agree with you, I have to say, different factors play a role in this. In the first place, this crap with covid and everything around drived me into some deep sadness and depression. There seems no light at the end of the tunnel with this and we dont know where the world is heading to. I see dark times coming.

Considering this, I cant tell if I would feel different now if I never took hcg or trt. Due to this covid thing I am stuck in the same place for 1 1/2 years now. And it’s very depressing here. I am alone 99% of my time what fucks me up even more mentally. Its a downward spiral without escape. The less I talk to real people the more I get anxious to do so and the more I reject my self. I started escaping into gaming again.

Usually I was traveling a lot to escape depression and was talking to lots of people every day to keep my social anxiety on a distance. But the masters do not want us to travel anymore. And no, I wont take an experimental vaccine. We all know what finasteride did to us. I am done with science and pharma.

What I can say for sure is, that my dick does not get as hard as before these two treatments. I was lucky with pfs in terms of dick hardness. It was like 80-90% hard after finasteride. But now it’s like 70% at max. Only on extreme good days I get 90% but these days are rare.

I lost all appetite and any joy in life. I lost lots of weight and muscles (did not built muscles on trt). But again I cant tell if that is hcg/trt related or due to my deep depression.


I had HCG injections, which didn’t help me either. I’ve also used clomid, and I feel better when I take it, and I feel worse when I stop, as I did both times on clomid.

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You tried TRT or things like proviron?

During my HCG injections, my T and DHT were at very high levels.I don’t think TRT and Proviron will help me, these are the same things

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I did HCG for about 15 weeks or so. When I crashed my balls failed and LH measured 1.5 and T was like 250. HCG helped plump them up again but they immediately shrunk again when i quit the HCG. The suppression is coming from the brain. NMDA hypofunction i think.

My LH recently was 2.1 and T about 420.

Isn’t HCG suppresive of the HPTA? I think a serm after your HCG cycle could help.

possibly. thing is I feel no different before or after hcg so i dunno really.