Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss: Anyone tried? Any worsening effect on PFS?

So given that shampoos, saw palmetto, fin, minoxidil(one or some combination of these) have either caused or worsened PFS for some, I am wondering if there’s some hair loss treatment that will not WORSEN our existing symptoms.

I noted Low Level Laser Therapy is a hair loss treatment. With fin, min etc out of the window given I have finasteride induced PFS, is LLLT something I can try? Has anyone tried it and can you tell me your experience with it?

I use hair max laser comb at the moment it’s pretty good

I don’t think questions like these are very popular here, for most here (including me) your hair becomes your very least problem when having PFS.
Funny to think it used to be my biggest problem… but when you can’t get an erection you’ll get your priorities straight.

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I think questions like these when it pertains to treatments that don’t involve hormonal alteration (LLLT, microneedling, etc…) should at least be allowed in the coping section. It’s hard enough dealing with PFS and I would trade my hair any day to feel normal, but if we can at least keep the hair that we sacrificed everything for then at least it wasn’t all for nothing.

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Well I can’t get an erection either for about 100+ days now despite taking just 2 pills. I am new to the forum so please let me know if I’m being inappropriate at times.

Hair loss and PFS is a double whammy so I can try to mitigate damage at least in one aspect. I just wanted to know if there’s certain things that don’t make people worse, and minimize hair loss, barring maybe a healthy diet. I don’t know what’s so wrong with asking this.

Exactly, I don’t know why one should “not allow” these questions?

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These kinds of questions make our whole community look nuts. Why in the world would it occur to anyone that shining light on your head could worsen post-finasteride syndrome? :man_facepalming: If I didn’t have PFS and I came to this forum then I would think PFS is probably a figment of the imagination of hypochondriacs, based on that there are people here thinking it’s caused by things like light.


I’d rather come across as dumb than take a risk with any treatment. Even something like Minoxidil seemed pretty ED proof to me as did Saw Palmetto but after coming here I realized it’s quite the opposite. There’s enough research to show PFS exists so non-believers can fuck off.

Nothing is obvious. Just how shining a light on one’s head can mitigate hair loss isn’t obvious…

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There isn’t enough research yet. We need to get the research going. That should be our focus here. But back on thread topic, no I don’t think light causes or worsens PFS.

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I got difficult insomnia crash from using it after pfs.
“Why in hell could it happen”? No idea but it happened me anyway

You got insomnia from using the laser comb?

Yes. I got insomnia from lllt

Once you stopped using the laser comb did the insomnia subside? What do you think could be the mechanism causing the insomnia?

It took some time unfornately for the insomnia to subside. Maybe three months.
Elevated dopamine levels if i have to guess but its a wild guess