Low Free Testosterone

FREE TESTOSTERONE(DIRECT) result: 3.9 range: 7.2-24.0 pg/mL Below Low Normal

I have full on PFS, severe symptoms…full body wastage, no sleep, etc. What’s the consensus on low free T, worth addressing?

Try this Tribulus Terrestris with maca, it help me:

I have PFS for almost 1 decade with full symptoms

Helped you raise low free T? Doc scheduled another blood test but seems like typical pfs symptom…should I bother?

**got the bloodwork, felt like a waste of time. I guess I’m asking a question I already know the answer to.

TRT/HCG could work for you since your free T is low.

Do as much research on this forum as you can before trying things though. Reactions are all over the board.

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Yes, I had the same problem for a period

Followup lab results
TOTAL TESTOSTERONE Result: 320 Ref range: 264-916 ng/dL

Doc wants to refer me to an endocrinologist. Has anyone with full blown aggressive PFS been helped by supplementing these levels or whatever else an endo might recommend? I’ve researched a ton and as far as I can tell it either hasn’t helped or made things worse, correct me if I’m wrong.


Please be aware that Tribulus can be detrimental before considering using it.

I took just two caps and experienced bad sides, increased estrogen sides and reduced testosterone sides along with other stuff

There is a poster on here think by that name of Andras and he also took two caps of Tribulus and experienced his estrogen sky rocket and free testosterone drop and he had tests over a three month period showing this and only from two caps

My advice is stay way from Tribulus