Low Free Testosterone? help interpreting results


Hey guys,

I’m still sweating a lot when eating and feel like shit. plus my testicles are still aching daily. I had some results from Medichecks, does it look like my low free t could be the cause of my problems?

DHEA 5.06 umol/l (0.44 - 13.40)
Follicle Stim Hormone 3.01 iu/l (1.50 - 12.4)
Luteinsing 7 iu/l (1.7 - 8.6)
Free Testosterone. 0.375nmol (0.30 - 1)
Testosterone 18.2 nmol/l (7.6 - 31.4)
Sex Horm Binding Glob 31.5nmol/l (16 - 55)
Free Androgen Index. 57.78 ratio (24 - 104)
17 - beta Oestradiol. 97.2pmol/l (0 - 191.99)
DHT 0.720nmol/l (0.34 - 2.06)


It’s possible, but raising T doesn’t help most pfs sufferers. Even people with naturally high T still feel like they’re low T because the body in a pfs state doesn’t recognize androgens.

If youre going to spend money on tests, than a hair mineral test from arl or tei will give better insight along with a plan to balance it out.


Clomid helped me and low dose TRT even more so but it took weeks and I got worse at first on the clomid…You have to stick with it it takes a while for your body to readjust,For some reason the body is only able to digest a small amount of the androgens so too much can back fire…Mine was low years ago before pfs…Difference is if your body is using the available test correctly with pfs it is not…


thanks guys, I’m very nervous about starting TRT and going deeper into this mess! I have a new symptom recently and that is being crazy dizzy all the time. its pretty terrifying. I really hope my body adjusts soon for the better


Don’t worry buddy almost all of the physical and mental symptoms improves with time.

It’s the sexual sides only which are very difficult to tackle.

I had enormous amount of testicle pain in first 9 months than it slowly started to,
I am suffering from more than a year now. They still hurt some time but with less intensity .
I lost a lot of weight, I went from 60 kg to 51 kg in weeks, now I am again around sixty.

My sleep was very very bad was waking up multiple times per night, and it was very difficult to sleep at first and I would wake up early morning and can’t sleep after that.

Now it’s slightly better, I wake up once or twice per night and can get at 6 hours of sleep.
But I never improved in sexual sides,
No morning wood
Extreme numbness of penis and scrotum.
Sherinkage of penis.
Prominent veins on penis.
Loss of girth
Hard flaccid
Cold penis and scrotum
Very dry , dark and wrinkled penile skin.
Watery ejaculation
Low volume ejaculation