Low free T high E2 - please advise

My latest blood test results came!

TSH 2,420 (0,550 - 4,780)
FT4 18,33 pmol/l (11,50 - 22,7)
FT3 4,10 pmol/L (3,50 - 6,50)
FSH 5,9 IU/L (1,4 - 18,1)
LH 2,8 IU/L (1,5 - 9,3) lowish
Prolaktin 78,0 mIU/l (45,0 - 375,0)
Estrogen 134,5 pmol/l (0,0 - 146,1) HIGH
Progeszteron 1,50 nmol/l (0,89 - 3,88)
Testosterone 16,320 nmol/l (5,720 - 26,140)
Free Testosterone 1,20% (1,53 - 2,88) LOW
Free Testosterone concentration 0,196 nmol/l (0,198 - 0,619) LOW
Bioative testosterone conc. 5,310 nmol/l (4,360 - 14,300)
Bioactive testosterone % 32,5% (35,0 - 66,3) LOW
SHBG 60,0 nmol/l (17,3 - 65,8)
DHEA-S 8,65 umol/l (0,94 - 15,44)
Cortisol 566,1 nmol/L (118.6 - 618.0)

I’ve done further tests on red and white blood cells too.
Red blood cells 4,1 T/L - 4,5 5,9 LOW
White blood cells 3,6 G/L - 4,4 11,3 LOW

So compared to my previous test 1,5 months ago, major changes are:

  • free T levels lowered slightly
  • bioactive levels lowered slightly
  • total T levels raised slightly
  • E2 level lowered slightly
  • SHBG levels raised

These do explain my symptoms currently I guess. I feel energy like better since the last days, and I have regular stools again! But pain in the groin area gets more frequent :frowning:

Please advise, what should i do? I’m 3 months after fin, 1,5 months after tribulus crash. Thank you!


While I’m not exactly sure why your WBC is low since I’m in the same boat myself. What did your doctor have to say?

Yout RBC is also low. Did you check your Ferritin and B12 levels? Iron and B12 supplementation (if they’re indeed low) may help raise hemoglobin and improve things. Now onto your hormones, your case seem typical PFS as follows:

  • Normal T
  • Low FT & Low Bioavailable T
  • High E2
  • High SHBG
  • Mediocre TSH
  • Everything else seem normal

Are you overweight? What’s your fat%? Your high SHBG may explain your low FT & low Bioavailable T. Unlike me, your E2 is high and this likely means your DHT isn’t optimal. If you’re overweight you need to lose weight (and fat). Aim for <20 BF%. You may consider natural anti estrogens and/or herbal supplement such as Tongkat Ali (AKA LJ100), which may be a godsend given your high E2 & SHBG. TSH <2 and closer to 1.00 is preferable. Make sure you’re getting enough iodin in your diet. Godspeed

Hey @doomed80 Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve read your comments and posts in the past, you have taken AI-s as far as I know.

Yes, I have low hemoglobin, lower end iron and mid range ferritin.

I just bought an iron supplement (which also contains B12) and start to take it.

I’m definately not overweight, following a low carb and strict calorie keto diet. In metric I’M 178cm tall and 70kg weight (used to be 80kg with only muscle and really low fat) Despite that I have some kind of accumulating fat or water reterntion on my facial skin, which is just getting worse.
What I’m doing so far to tackle high E2 and low free T is

  • regular cardio excersize
  • DIM veggies with almost every meal
  • avoiding carbs and sugar.

I’m not dare to try Tongkat Ali though, since I crashed to this blood work by taking 2 pills of tribulus terrestris. Honestly I dont dare at this point to take even herbal AI’s.
I was quickly recovering from my fin crash, just within 2-3 weeks my very same endocrin blood work has come back to normal, but this time its obviously not the case :frowning:

  • However my T/E ratio improved a bit, but I dont know why SHBG could increase (?)
  • I have serious hair loss and regrowth shut down, do you think its caused by low blood count and irons? Or would that be rathe low free T symptom? (Still have a fair amount of facial hair growth)

Mentally fortunately im doing fine (no brain fog, nor insomnia)
I will see an endocrin doctor soon to get some more advise. Cheers!