Low blood pressure and irregular heart beat

At my Endo appointment yesterday my bp was the lowest it’s ever been. A 10 point drop. I got shit sleep last night. Now I’m having an irregular heart beat. Anyone have this? Did it get better? I want to sleep but it’s keeping me awake.

Vit D3

my blood pressure is also low, and i have low vit d.

I also have low blood presure: 9,4/4,3…anybody else have low blood presure?

Anyone else have low blood pressure? Mine went from 130/70 to 110/70

Same here bro. Mine used to be 128/82.
It is now 110/60

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Mine too, does anyone know what it is due to?

I think we experienced a form of brain damage. I had many issues that could correlate with a TBI and this BP issue was one of many. The good news (at least for me) the issues slowly cleared up over the course of a year or two.


Many people have low Vit. D, Its good to address any deficiencies you happen to find but I have come to the conclusion that low vit D is not related to my fin use.

Yes, happens to me from time to time. It feels like my body is trying to figure out to go into panic or rest mode. I noticed it will be trigger by certain foods such as excessive chocolate eating.